This Aliante Barchetta Ferrari Rendering Is Absolutely Gorgeous

Ferrari Aliante Barchetta

A Super Low-Slung Mid-Engine Ferrari

We love Ferrari’s production cars. They’re some of the most handsome and elegant machines out there. The new SF90 Stradale is a perfect example of beautiful design and a whole lot of technological improvements, but even that car is rivaled by this new rendering by designer Daniel Soriano of what he calls the Aliante Barchetta. 

The original Aliante was a part of the Ferrari World Design Contest in 2011. Soriano decided to revisit this design and has created the car you see here. The first thing you notice here is the exterior design of the car. It’s obviously designed for aerodynamics but it’s also absolutely gorgeous.

The car gets triangular-shaped headlights, a super low nose with a black splitter, a front spoiler, and huge wheel arches. Moving along down the side are the large air intakes, which we presume lead air to cool the massive-looking V12 engine that’s mid-mounted in the chassis. Around back are some rather small circular LED taillights that scream Prancing Horse. There’s also the Ferrari logo in the center of the rear of the car. It’s absolutely stunning. 

You can see some of the interior thanks to the convertible roof of the car. While the exterior is all modern, the interior takes a more old-school route. It has a classic-looking steering wheel and gauges, and the transmission appears to be a six-speed manual that’s gated. Of course, if this car were to be actually made, it would have a dual clutch transmission. However, the six-speed looks wonderful in there. Take a look at the images below and wonder what could be.