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Lamborghini Espada hot rod custom

This Horrid Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod Is For Sale

The Worst Way to Ruin a Lamborghini Espada

If you have no taste, if you hate yourself and hate Lamborghini, then this is the car for you. This hot rod Lamborghini Espada is wild, ugly, and is for sale at Hemmings. The car was built by Danton Arts Kustoms at the direction of the owner of the Miami Supercar Rooms art Gallery. The man’s name on his passport is XXXX Elo, according to his wife. She said so in a The Drive article that appeared last year. 

There’s a lot to hate about this car. Its general overall look is atrocious. The fact that the builder used the Lamborghini Espada to make this horrid thing is also irksome. The car still features the 3.9-liter V12 engine that Lamborghini put into the car. Almost everything else has changed. The body panels, the open-air overall design, the 8.2-foot-wide overall width. This hot rod Espada is a low, lean, stupid-looking machine. Someone will probably pay a lot of money for it, too. 

To be fair, the vehicle is an interesting piece, and there’s an argument to be made that it is as much a horrid piece of artwork as anything else. We can’t argue that, but we can say it is a waste of a good Lamborghini Espada.