Tips For Making Your Car Last As Long As Possible


All car enthusiasts want to make their cherished car last for as long as possible. This could be your first car or the first car that you decided to take on as a project. Others want their cars to last as long as possible as they do not want to deal with the purchase of another car. Having a car that gets you where you are going is great but not taking care of this car can make it unreliable in a matter of months. There are things that people that routinely keep a car running of decades do and they are as follows.

Keep The Oil Changed

Everyone has heard that changing the oil every couple of thousand miles is a great way to get the most out of a car. Not everyone realizes the damage that can be done by missing a few oil changes in a row. A myriad of problems can arise with the engine, transmission, and many other areas. The old oil can congeal and clog hoses which can lead to gaskets blowing and overheating. Changing the oil yourself is not terribly difficult and there are plenty of YouTube videos that can walk you through the process. If you would rather a pro do it, there are plenty of oil change sales on certain days of the week at many service repair stations.

Check Out Potential Problems Immediately

For some people having their check engine light on is a way of life. When asked about it they might respond “it has been on forever, it is nothing to worry about” which doesn’t exactly quell the concern in many. The light being on could be an indication of a larger problem that can occur if it is not checked out. Get a diagnostic test at a garage to see what is wrong immediately. Some of the times it could be a fuse or electrical issue that triggered the light to go on. Others it could be serious and it might be only a matter of time before a larger issue emerges.

Avoid Routes With Congestion or Frequent Accidents If Possible

There are just some routes that are harder on a car than others. If possible you should avoid these routes for a less stressful one even if it takes 5 extra minutes. This will help you relax while avoiding stress that your car doesn’t need to go through on a daily basis. Frequent accidents should also be of concern as nothing can ruin the longevity of a car like a major accident. Even if a car has been repaired instead of being totaled this can be an issue when selling the car as well as new parts could cause issues. A few extra minutes of the day should be worth the health of yourself as well as your car.

Keep Your Car Inside If Possible

Not everyone has a garage that is connected to their home. These can be built or you can opt for an even more affordable options which are custom carports. Keeping the car safe from the wind, snow, rain, and hail can save years on a car’s lifetime. The freezing and thawing of ice inside of a car can cause quite a bit of damage if the car isn’t appropriately stored. Invest in protection for your car to keep it for years to come!

For some the car is a way of life but for others it is simply a way to get around. Both of these types of people do want their cars to last as long as possible though. Take care of your car with the above tips and watch it keep on going far past your expectations.