Top 3 Ways to Really Increase the Value of Part Exchange Cars


Are you thinking of part exchanging your car? Before you do, it’s a good idea to do your research and look at ways to ensure you get the best price.

Car dealers are often blamed for trying to lowball sellers so they can make a lot more profit. However, did you know that a lot of the time, these sellers could have done things to increase the price offered? Here, we’ll look at the top 3 ways to really increase the value of your part exchange vehicle before you take it to the dealership.

1. Pimp it Up

A great way to add value to a used car is to make a few modifications. Research the different trims and specs of your cars make and model and see which ones are known to add value. For example, if you’ve got a red Ford complete with red wing mirrors, but after researching you discover red Fords with black wing mirrors sell for more money, it’s worth investing in black wing mirrors or wrapping them in vinyl to increase its value.

Other extras known to add value include Sat Navs, Bluetooth and rear parking sensors. On the other hand, extras you’ll want to avoid which can actually damage a cars part exchange value include luxury leather trims, alloy wheels and intricate climate control systems.

2. Ensure the MOT and Service is Taken Care Of

A lot of the time, the value offered on a used car is significantly reduced purely because the seller doesn’t have up-to-date MOT and service information. It’s important to make sure you have the correct documents and don’t attempt to part exchange the car right before an MOT is due.

A lot of dealers actually insist that the car has had an MOT at least three months prior to selling it. The service history documentation is equally as important as it shows the car has been well looked after. Make sure the garage which carried out any repairs and previous services has stamped the logbook too. It’s surprising how much a dealer can take off the price if full documentation isn’t available.

3. Choose a Reliable Dealer

When you’re thinking of ways to increase a cars part exchange value, it’s not just cosmetic changes and documentation you need to focus on. The dealership you choose will also make a massive difference to the amount you are offered. There’s sadly a lot of dealers who do purposely lowball sellers, so make sure you’re choosing a well-respected company renowned for their reasonable rates on part exchange cars.

Overall, the above are the top 3 ways to boost the value of your part exchange vehicle. Taking the time to research the best specs for your car will really help you to see which extras you can install that will significantly boost value.