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2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

Top Gear Overview Of The 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

In March, we brought to you the reveal and a little gallery of the 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm.

Now, however, Top Gear has been able to get their hands on an actual press demonstrator model.

As revealed in the original story back in March, the GTA and GTAm are hardcore versions of the already pretty fast Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

It is being built to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Alfa Romeo. The name GTA is borrowed from the 1965 Giulia Sprint GTA racecar, which was a rally and time trial special version of the Giulia of the ’60s.

The key to the car is lightness. The original 1965 car was 745 kg, half of what the modern GTAm weighs. Then again, as Top Gear points out, the original GTA had a race-tuned engine pushing out 170 HP.

2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

The modern GTAm has a Ferrari-developed and, for this car, re-tuned twin-turbo V6 with the turbos in between the V of the engine. That engine produces 532 HP.

2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

And, thanks to a full titanium Akrapovic exhaust developed specifically for the car, it sounds very, very angry.

As it is a special edition, only 500 total cars will be made. And we also now have a price, and it’s not at all cheap.

2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

Approximately $209,780 for the GTA (has rear seats, a hardcore saloon car to fight off an M3). Approximately $216,300 for the GTAm (no rear seats, roll cage, hardcore racing car)