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Ferrari Purosangue drifting in the Italian snow

Top Gear’s First Drive Of The Ferrari Purosangue

They insist it's not an SUV, but an FUV: Ferrari Utility Vehicle....

Market it as they might, the Ferrari Purosangue is the answer from Maranello to super-SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT, Aston Martin DBX, and Lamborhini Urus. Insisting on calling it a Ferrari Utility Vehicle (FUV) doesn’t remove the fact that this is a taller, wider, longer, and four door Ferrari that is completely unlike any of its cars.

It’s also priced like a Ferrari, so Top Gear investigates if it’s worth the £400,000 ($473,000 USD) that they want for it

They cover all of the important points, such as its engine, its layout as a full four door four seat vehicle, and why Ferrari is making it now, quite a few years after all the other major supercar manufacturers have made and released theirs. Without spoiling the whole thing, there is a definite reason that Ferrari waited, the least of which was their insistence in 2016 that Ferrari would never build an SUV.

But the more important question is: Is it worth is price tag? Tom Ford, the Associate Editor at Top Gear and the lucky reviewer that got to take the Purosangue quite sideways around a few snowy corners, thinks that it is mightily expensive, but that if you want a practical, four door, four seat Ferrari that can also stir the soul and is made with the stereotypical Italian passion, the Purosangue might just be the right SUV for you.