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Trio of Chop-Tops

While the supercar ethic generally defies convertibles due to their increased weight and lost rigidity, modern design is shirking the performance gap between coupes and their chopped counterparts.

Today, we start with a remarkable 1956 Continental that is a piece of automotive history. This is one of only a few Continental Mark IIs that were converted by Ford into convertibles and the example presented here is the best of those. Its owner has kindly provided some of the best photography of a Mark II we have ever seen.

Where the Continental required extensive bracing to get where it is today, supercars like the recently released 911 Turbo Cabriolet and McLaren SLR Roadster pack on significantly less bulk. Both will likely be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

As a footnote, we offer the Valencia 1000kms which finished with another predictable win by Peugeot and their 908. Dirk de Jager flew to the modern city and then sat track side for three days to bring us his impressive gallery.