Tuning News

Today we have two new American supercars which aren’t yet completed. The first of these is John Hennessey’s new range of ZR1 Corvettes which complements his recent Camaro work. The standard Z700 model increases boost to offer some 700 BHP and has a body kit to match.

Next we have our first car from Mr. Norm’s. This incredible Dealer has been selling performance and drag-strip Dodges since the 60s out of Chicago. A modern reincarnation of this historic drag team has envisioned the Hemi Cuda Convertible which will probably be at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Finally we finish with yet another Gemballa Avalanche derivative called the GTR 650 EVO-R. This one is similar to the other Avalanches on Supercars.net, but features scissor doors for the first time. We also have Gemballa’s most extreme Cabriolet called the EVO-RS.