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2020 Mercedes AMG GT Black Series on video

VIDEO: Check Out the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

A Beastly Machine

The new Black Series car from Mercedes-AMG is coming. The company just released a video about the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. The vehicle is a wild and aggressive machine that retains a lot of what’s good about the GT so far and adds to the car even more.

The car has a host of aerodynamic elements that have been seen on various models of the AMG GT, but now they’re all put together on the Black Series. Also, the massive double-layer rear wing is the car’s most stunning visual element. The wing sits about as high as the car’s roofline and should produce oodles of downforce.

The widebody seen on the AMG GT Black Series will likely be just as wide as some of the other GT models that are out there. You’re likely not going to get a bespoke body kit for this car, but there will be elements of the Black Series that are unique.

The engine in the GT Black Series will likely be the most powerful yet. It should have more than the GT R’s 577 hp. How much it will get is unclear, though.

The car looks and sounds simply amazing, and the video is a fun look at the car. It shows YouTuber Schmee sneaking into the Mercedes-AMG facility snapping photos and taking the car for a drive and then sneaking off before the authorities get there to grab him. You can check out the video below.