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VIDEO: Chris Harris Discusses the Lamborghini Urus and the Audi RS6

What’s the Ultimate Family Car?

Chris Harris and Jack Rix of Top Gear have a little chat about the what is the ultimate family car and why high-performance SUVs just feel wrong when compared to a high-performance wagon.

The two vehicles in question in this video are the Lamborghini Urus and the Audi RS6. It’s clear which looks better (the Audi), and Chris discusses why. 

He says the Urus is simply trying to hard. He said its interesting because they’re not actually all that much different, but there’s just something that feels off about the Urus, whereas the RS6 just seems to feel right. 

“Let’s not forget that our motorcars are a projection of how we want people to perceive us,” Chris says. “This to me [he pats the RS6] says I want to carry a big stick and talk softly, and that [he points to the Urus] says I want to walk around going AHHHhhh to everyone.”

What Chris is getting at is subtley. The Audi has it. It’s not shouty, though it is sporty and impressive to look at and its classy. Whereas the Urus is impressive, there’s no denying it, but it’s absolutely garish and without class. 

This is an interesting conversation and it’s one that speaks to the cultural differences between people. It’s worth watching, and something you should check out below.