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VIDEO: Ferrari Monza SP2 Delivery in Blue

‘Ferrari Blue’?

The speedster saga continues with this rare Ferrari Monza SP2 being spotted during delivery to a customer in London.

It’s always a little bit unnerving to see a Ferrari in a blue-clad paint job, especially because blue is the opposite of red. No, seriously; if you invert red it literally becomes blue. Seeing a Ferrari in blue is like seeing Michael Jordan in a blue Washington Wizards jersey. Sure, he played there and that version of him exists, but it’s jarring to see him in anything other than that classic Red he has been adorned in his whole career.

Despite it being strange, I still think Ferraris look amazing in blue, especially this Monza SP2 featured in its ‘Blu Marine’ inspired by classic Ferrari race cars of the past.

With a wickedly steep price tag of $2 million dollars and the inability to drive it in any condition aside from perfect weather (there’s no roof!) this car is the ultimate ‘flex’ possible.

The Monza SP2 is a speedster based on the Ferrari 812 Superfast. They both feature the same 6.5L Naturally Aspirated V12 Ferrari engine making around 800 horsepower (809 for the SP2) at 8500 RPM.

If these cars are so similar, why does the 812 Superfast cost $330,000, and the Monza SP2 cost closer to $2,000,000?