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McLaren F1 vs. P1 vs. Senna Reviewed Back to Back

VIDEO: McLaren F1 vs. P1 vs. Senna – Supercar Showdown

McLaren F1 vs. McLaren P1 vs. McLaren Senna

The guys at Autocar really know their stuff when it comes to supercars. They are one of the most respected publications around and are lucky enough to have pulled off getting a McLaren Senna, McLaren F1 and McLaren P1 to test and review on the same day at the same track. Talk about a supercar showdown.

The genesis of this epic test comes from the fact that in 1994, Autocar road tested the McLaren F1, taking it to 211 mph at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. 25 years later, they returned in the exact same car, chassis XP5, to see how far the Ultimate Series lineage has come with the McLaren P1 and Senna.

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