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Morgan Plus Six

VIDEO: Morgan Plus Six Review

A Modern Morgan?

The new Morgan Plus Six seems wrong to us in many ways. It’s a more modern Morgan, and isn’t the point of the Morgan to revel in the experience of driving a car that harkens back to an older age of driving? Well, Henry Catchpole of Carfection had some time to find out when he reviewed the Plus Six along some twisty roads in Wales on a summer day. 

The car features Morgan’s new CX-Generation aluminum bonded platform. This car still has wood construction, but the underpinnings are mostly aluminum. As Catchpole finds out this new platform makes for the most direct and precise Morgan car yet. 

Another departure for Morgan is the BMW-derived turbocharged straight-six, the same that’s in the Z4 and the Supra. This leaves the V8 engines of the past in the dust in terms of sophistication, but it still provides the speed you’re looking for. Catchpole says the improvements to the car, while they don’t mesh with what you typically think of when you think of Morgan’s vehicles, actually don’t ruin the Morgan for what it needs to be.

“To me, if you want a Morgan, then this still does all the things you want from a Morgan in terms of that charm.” That’s exactly what we want to hear. While the Plus Six is a new chapter in the Morgan story, it’s not a completely different narrative, and that’s good news, indeed.