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2003 Radical SR3 Turbo Gallery

VIDEO: Radical SR3 Nurburgring

Onboard Video of Sizzling Radical SR3 Nurburgring Lap

The Radical SR3 RS is basically a superbike mixed with a lightweight race car.

It has a 200 horsepower engine from a Suzuki Hayabusa (modified by Radical), a body weighing about 1,100 pounds and all the race car set up you would ever need.

The Radical SR3 is a monster on track. The SR3’s ability to accelerate is genuinely impressive—only the most highly-tuned street cars with which we shared the track could match its straight-line pace. You won’t use the clutch pedal on track; the paddles bang each shift up and down with a ferocity that is completely absent from, say, a PDK-equipped Porsche.

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