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Porsche RSR

Video Roundup: A Porsche RSR, the SSC Tuatara, Driving a Spyker, and More

Here Are the Videos to Watch this Week

Every week, we watch several supercar-related videos and on Fridays, we decided it would be best to round up our favorite supercar videos into one article so you can watch them too. This will keep you from having to spend time hunting down the best supercar videos out there on YouTube. These YouTubers know what icons drive us, and they showcase them with love and enthusiasm.

1970 Porsche 911 RSR Tribute

If you’re looking for a beautifully shot, artfully crafted video, then this is the one for you. You probably know about Petrolicious, and if you don’t you’ve been hiding under a rock. This time, the YouTube channel interviews Graeme Evans about his Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Tribute car. The video digs into his love for the car and how he came to own his particular model. Evans said he almost bought a Nissan GTR, but he looked across at another car dealer and saw a Porsche and couldn’t put the money down on the Nissan.

Supercar Blondie Drives the SSC Tuatara

We’ve showcased videos from Supercar Blondie before, but this video is too good to pass up. She gets to get up close and personal with the SSC Tuatara. The Tuatara is an insane machine with 1,350 hp on regular gas and 1,750 hp with E85. She also gets to talk to the company’s founder and owner about the car and then she gets to go for a drive in the car. Then the company’s founder gets behind the wheel and really gets after it.

Driving a Spkyer

The YouTube channel Seen Through Glass got a chance to check out and drive a Spyker C8 Spyder. This is one of the most impressive and rare supercars on earth. The Dutch company hasn’t made many cars, and it’s awesome to see and hear what this car is like behind the wheel. If you’re unfamiliar with it the car has a 4.2-liter V8 from Audi that makes 400 hp. It has a manual gearbox, too. It actually has one of the most unique shifters ever. The rest of the interior of the car is amazing, too. Out on the road, the car sounds amazing and enjoyable. The reactions from the driver are worth taking in.

Ferrari and McLaren Susten Pass Drive

Are you looking for some beautiful cars and some beautiful sights? Then you need to check out this video of YouTuber Luke with the channel Cars of Luke as he and his friends take the Ferrari 458 Speciale and McLaren 720s Spider down the Susten Pass in the Swiss Alps. The only thing more fun than this video is if you were able to take the place of one of the drivers here. The scenery is simply breathtaking. Luke drives the McLaren first and then he gets in the Ferrari and drives that one for a while. He calls this a “pinch yourself moment.” We would have to agree.

McLaren 720S Hoonage

The guys who do Hoonigan Daily Transmission are a wild bunch, and they have a seriously awesome car for this particular video. This McLaren 720S is tuned to over 1,000 hp and has some sick-looking Volk TE37 wheels on it. The guys take it and roast the tires at the Irwindale Speedway. If you like seeing a bunch of hooligans hoon high-priced machines, then this is the over-the-top, over-hyped video for you.