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mclaren 720s videos

VIDEOS: McLaren 720S Reviews Are Starting to Come In & It’s EPIC

McLaren 720S Videos

This is the new McLaren 720 S, McLaren’s Super Series sports car, which replaces the 650 S and will go head-to-head with the Ferrari 488 GTB. The “720” refers to the power output of its new 4.0-liter V-8 turbocharged engine. Add 568 pounds-feet of torque and it is clear that this McLaren is more than just good looks.

The 720 S is 90% new inside and out, with a brand-new carbon fibre passenger cell, revised hydraulic suspension and an engine that’s 200cc bigger and some 40% new inside.

The reviews of the 720S are starting to come in and we’ve included the 720S videos below (we’ll add more as they come in over the next few days). There is a good mix here of the 720 S on road and track and most of the videos give you a full technical run down of this world class supercar.