Ferrari 812 GTS

Watch the Ferrari F8 Spider and the 812 GTS Do What They Were Made to Do

Look, Listen, and Long for One of Your Own

Ferrari recently came out with the new F8 Spider and 812 GTS. These drop-top versions of the two high-performing Prancing Horse models are exectly what Ferrari was missing from its lineup. If you love Ferrari’s latest models but wanted something with a roof that disappears, then you now have the cars that are right for you.

In the two videos below, you get to see the cars in action. They are as impressive as their hardtop brethren, except a little more so in our opinion. There’s just something extremely satisfying about being able to drop the top on your exotic and enjoy the sun, the sounds of the engine, and the wind in your hair and on your face. 

The F8 Spider

In the video below, you’ll see the F8 Spider doing what it does best on some impossibly beautiful European roads. The car is simply meant to be on these twisty roads pushing things to their limits. At the end of the video, there are plenty of images included. The channel DPC Cars thought it best to include both the video and the images into one excellent video.

Ferrari 812 GTS

The YouTube channel DPC Cars did the same for the Ferrari 812 GTS. In the video you see the car zooming around on gorgeous roads, but Ferrari did a cool thing here. At the beginning of the video, you see the Ferrari Daytona Spider, which was the last full-production front-engine drop-top Ferrari to come out. The insinuation is that the 812 GTS carries on that car’s legacy, and we would say that it certainly does due to the fact it is also a drop-top car with a V12 engine at the front and will be sold as a full production model.