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Watch The Ford GT Stretch Its Legs On Autobahn

Certain cars are universally recognized as the ultimate representations of a brand, and for Ford, that distinction unequivocally belongs to the GT supercar. Widely regarded as the pinnacle of Ford’s performance, the Ford GT, in all its variations, is often considered the apex of American performance and the last serious American mass-produced supercar.

The Ford GT is undeniably an automotive icon, representing a supercar capable of reaching speeds exceeding 200 mph. Although not many roads offer you the freedom to push your car beyond over 100mph, there is a notable exception: the Autobahn in Germany.

AutoTopNL, known for maximizing the Autobahn’s capabilities, has recently shared a clip of a Ford GT going over 200 mph on the speedometer. Watch the video and enjoy the thrill of pushing a Ford GT to its limits on the Autobahn.