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McLaren Senna

Watch the McLaren Senna Do a Blisteringly Fast Top Speed Speed Run

This Car is a Real Rocket

If you’ve been paying attention to the new McLaren Senna, then you probably know that it has a claimed top speed of 208 mph. You want to see the car reach that speed don’t you? Well, in the video below, you’ll see the Senna do a top speed run, but it doesn’t quite reach 208 mph. The car only manages to pull 204 mph. 

There could be many reasons the car didn’t quite get to the top speed that McLaren claims for the Senna. The weather could be a factor, this particular car could have an issue, or McLaren could have fibbed a little on the numbers. No matter what the cause, one thing is for sure, the Senna is wicked quick. Watch it sprint to 180 mph at an alarming rate and you don’t really care much about the fact it came up a few mph short. 

To be fair, this car isn’t much of a straight line speed demon. It was designed to go around a racetrack quickly, and having it out on a long runway like this is taking the car out of its element. The bodywork and wing on the car create so much downforce at speed that near the top end of its speed capabilities it’s hard to increase further. While there are cars out there that could beat it in a straight line, few can rival it around a racing circuit.