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235 mph nissan GT-R

Watch This Modified Nissan GT-R Stroll Up to 235 MPH Like It’s Nothing

It Makes It Look Easy

Hitting 235 mph is no joke in any vehicle. While 235 mph might seem a lot less than the Ford GT that was clocked breaking the 300 mph mark, it’s still insanely fast. This Nissan GT-R makes it look absolutely easy, though. Just a nice leisurely drive on a sunny day to a freakishly fast speed. No big thing. No, it is a big thing. That’s wicked fast.

This particular Nissan GT-R manages to hit that speed due to the fact that it’s been pretty heavily modified. The car still has its 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. However, that mill has been modified extensively. It now produces 1,100 hp and 850 lb-ft of torque measured at the wheels. As you can imagine, the result is noticeable.

You can check out the car in action in the video below and see it reach the 235 mph top speed. The interesting thing is that the car looked and sounded like it had more to give. On a longer runway or track, it probably could have gone faster. Carscoops suggests it could possibly hit 250 mph. It’s clear that the driver held it at 235 for a little while and then let off the throttle to keep the car on the runway’s tarmac, but it did seem to have more to give.

What’s so impressive about the video is how smooth the car looks doing the 235 mph run. It’s extremely undramatic. There’s nothing to worry about. You just watch the speedometer needle keep spinning. It’s insane and totally worth a watch.