2020 toyota gr supra 9-second quarter mile

Watch This Modified Toyota GR Supra Do a 9-Second Quarter Mile

It’s the First of Its Kind to Do So

The video included below is a Fast and Furious fan’s wet dream. It’s a tune 2020 Toyota GR Supra doing a 9-second quarter-mile time. The car was modified by Speedy Mufflers & Performance, and on October 17th at an event at the Salinas Speedway in Puerto Rico, the car managed to do a quarter-mile in 9.9244 seconds at 133.4507 mph. 

Modifications to the car included Hoosier drag radial tires, nitrous, Sunoco 100 Octane Fuel, a new exhaust system, new intake, and some tweaking to the fuel injection system. The tuners also removed things like the passenger seat to help reduce weight. This should shut up some of the new Supra haters. 

There were some legitimate concerns about the performance of the new Supra with its BMW straight-six engine, but most of the reports of its performance have shown that the car is a genuine high-performance machine. This quarter-mile run should be enough to convince the tuner crowd that you can have a hell of a car in the GR Supra, no matter what your plans are for it. Take a look at the video below to watch the car make its run.