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Alex Choi unicorn V3

Who Needs the Urus When Alex Choi’s Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracan Unicorn V3 Exists?

An Effort to Be Different

Lamborghini Huracans are exclusive cars, but they’re not exactly super rare. Alex Choi wanted to build a car that was different than the other Huracans he saw out on the road. What he built was the Unicorn V3. It’s a twin-turbo Huracan with a cage body around the outside. It’s the off-road machine that Lamborghini should have made rather than the poorly named and rather unattractive Urus.

With a flat black paint job and a pink cage of bars around the outside that Choi calls “Monkey Bars” the Unicorn V3 is anything but ordinary. The car is a mash-up of several different ideas and components all put together into one outrageous package. While the turbochargers, one-off air-to-air intercooler, and massive semi-truck air filters might get your blood pumping, what’s amazing to us is the bars that were custom built around the car like an exoskeleton.

According to Choi, the Monkey Bars, as he calls them, were handcrafted by Studio RSR which is used to building roll cages among many other things. what’s so impressive about them, is how they work with and around the car’s body panels. At the rear, they create the car’s shape because many of the body panels were actually removed. Choi spends a lot of time talking about the lights, too. He says there are over 40 of them on the car. The rear wing is also a notable element and is higher than any of Choi’s other builds.

Overall, the car is a beast of a machine, and one of the most unique builds we’ve seen in a long time. While it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, neither is the Huracan. Honestly, that sounds like Choi’s mission in the first place, so good on him. Check out the video below where Choi does a true deep dive into all of the build’s goodies.