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Why Chris Harris Calls The Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary As The Ultimate 80s Poster Car

The Anniversario, considered by many as the most desirable ultimate development of the Countach, was launched in September 1988 at the Italian Grand Prix, Monza, to commemorate Lamborghini’s 25th anniversary as a motor manufacturer. This model, restyled and updated, featured hundreds of subtle changes and improvements over the Quattrovalvole.

Designer Horacio Pagani, known for creating the Pagani Zonda, reworked the body, giving it a new nose and front bumper/spoiler with front brake air ducts. US-market examples retained the ‘5mph’ impact-resistant bumper, and both US and European models shared the new rear bumper.

The most noticeable visual change in the Anniversario was in the treatment of the radiator air intakes behind the doors, featuring thicker vertical strakes that matched the body color. Beneath the surface, the chassis underwent extensive updates for improved handling, with development assistance from three-time World Rally Champion Sandro Munari. The Anniversario featured split-rim forged alloy OZ wheels fitted with Pirelli’s new ‘P Zero’ dual-compound asymmetrical-tread tires.

Top Gear host Chris Harris recently had the opportunity to drive a low-mileage 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition that is available for sale on Collecting Cars and gives us an intriguing sneak peek into the world of this iconic ’80s poster car.