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Hennessey Performance HPE800 McLaren 600LT
Image from Hennessey Performance

Will the Hennessey HPE800 McLaren 600LT Have 800 hp?

Its Name Suggests So

Hennessey Performance, based in Texas, takes the worlds fastest and most impressive cars and makes them even more powerful. The company’s famous for numerous builds, including its Exorcist Chevrolet Camaro and its 6×6 VelociRaptor version of the Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck. Now it will add the new McLaren 600LT to its lists of offerings with the name HPE800 attached to it. 

Very little is known about the Hennessey HPE800 at this point. The company isn’t spilling many of the vehicle’s beans when it comes to performance specs or equipment upgrades. It shared a wonderful gallery of photos with the public. More details will come at a later date. For the moment all the company said was: “The team at Hennessey Performance will increase its power even more – stay tuned.”

While that doesn’t tell us much, it’s clear the vehicle will have more than 592 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque. Those stock car power numbers should go up considerably. Hennessey did say it would use the car’s original 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine so that means the company will just make changes and additions to the stock engine. 

Hennessey’s names for its vehicles usually correlate with the details of the car. If this were the case, it would mean the car could come with 800 hp after the tuner team gets its hands on it. That’s a power increase of 208 hp. If the McLaren 600LT wasn’t enough if a neck breaker already, it certainly will be once it’s had the Hennessey treatment.