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You have super cars, hyper cars, and then there is an ultra car

We’ve seen new car building companies being founded almost every day of the year, and some come up with some amazing concepts, usually either as drawings, some as real 3D renders, but barely with a driveable concept or prototype, and most of these companies disappear into oblivion just about as fast as they were created, and Spyros Panopoulos Automotive that is the author of the car we’re discussing today might have fallen into that trap of being a ‘one-day celebrity too, as the only thing we’ve been able to find about this car is a Youtube video … from about a year ago, since then, no update, no rolling concept, no driveable production prototype … but we still wanted to share this car with you.

The no update might have been a little exaggerated, as SP Automotive, based in Greece, was planning to unveil their ‘Chaos’ Ultra Car at the 2022 Geneva Motor Show in March next year, but once again this famous European car show has been canceled, and at this point in time a four-minute teaser video is the only tangible thing we have on Chaos (you can check it out at the end of this article).

The intention by Spyros Panopoulos, when he started SP Automotive in 2019, was to build the most extreme production car in the world, with the best technology possible and as always with these new car builders, it would be the fastest in the world, very limited, built in a unique way … which translates into them charging a small fortune for a car from a manufacturer that has no pedigree, and that nobody heard from before … a perfect business plan, right?

The latest info we received states SP Automotive will be unveiling their Chaos in the very near future, with no Geneva Motor Show to go to, they intend to do a private unveiling party soon, from the video it is unclear if we are looking at some nice 3D renders, or if they actually managed to show a real car, but if we have to believe the scarce information we did find on this car, it looks really, and I mean really interesting nonetheless.

Some really expensive materials have been mentioned on the build sheet for the Chaos, how about using titanium combined with carbon fiber and kevlar for the chassis, while the body would be made from Zylon, which is a high-strength synthetic polymer with an extremely impressive tensile strength. Zylon is a lot stronger compared to carbon fiber, and it even boasts a tensile strength 1.6 times better than Kevlar, it is in fact the strongest manmade organic fiber, about 10 times stronger than steel, those are some pretty impressive figures … but with that kind of strength comes a high price tag too.

And those exotic materials aren’t even the best part, the piece-de-resistance is the engine SP Automotive is telling us about: a twin-turbo V10 with a 4-liter displacement, now I know that doesn’t sound impressive … but get this: power output in the ‘base’ configuration is said to be 2,000 hp, and it gets even better, the top-of-the-line Chaos will come with no less than 3,000 hp with a redline set at 12,000 rpm … that’s Formula One screaming if you ask me, the sound from the Inconel exhaust must be breathtaking.

This translates into some rather amazing performance figures too, a 0 to 100 km/h sprint in just 1.8 seconds, those tires will be having a hard time getting enough grip to put down that impressive acceleration, while SP Automotive claims a top speed of … wait for it … 500 Km/h or 310 mph! I wonder who is delivering the tires that can cope with that, Bugatti is playing with the 400 km/h barrier on their special Chiron versions, but this new company from Greece adds another 100 km/h on top of that.

SP Automotive intends to build between 15 to 20 cars each year until the limited production number of 100 units for their Chaos is reached, so they intend to build these over a span of 5 to 6 years then it seems, and the planned to unveil date is set for November 1, 2021 … let’s see what this looks like in real life. Do you really want to know the price of this Chaos … the Base spec with 2,000 hp should be €5,500,000 or about US$6,500,000 … but that impressive 3,000 hp version will set you back a massive €12,400,000, that’s roughly $14,500,000, personally I would buy an entire garage full of Lamborghinis for that kind of money, but that might just be me.