17" Brakes?

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by badmuthafucr, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This ball'n ride has 17" brakes? Are you surious? If so, there isn't much room in those 18" wheels, is there? This car has some serious potential. If the corrections are all sucessful, this will revolutioize the rotary engine. Hopefully this will get it the attention it deserives.
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    yeah, thats right
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    my guess is they will prolly be scaled down... it will prolly be pretty hard to cool down those big ole brakes
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    This has to be a typo.
    17" + 2" for the callipers would make steering impossible no?<!-- Signature -->
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    actually it wouldnt make the discs hotter or make steering a *****. all this will do is give better more consistent braking but the units will probably weigh a little more. this will actually make the brakes cooler than usual,since there is a larger area for the calipers to grip, and a larger area for the heat to dissipate. since the brakes wont heat up as much, this also means much more consistent braking. as a matter of fact, many cars brake just as good with their stock brakes as they would with aftermarket brakes like such from brembo. the only big diff is when the brakes heat up due to continuous hard braking. regular discs overheat very quickly due to their nonvented and small design and after a few hard stops the brakes get spungy and slippery, but the larger cross drilled or slotted vented discs give consistent braking through and through. <!-- Signature -->

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