2004 gto, or 1965 gto?

Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by 2003 ss R, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Convertible?

    This is our (australian) Holden Monaro Convertible

    Holden in Australia had designed the Monaro Covertible sometime in 2001. however this was not released to the public until 2004 (may). here are some of the pictures of the Holden Monaro Convertible a.k.a "Marilyn" - Marilyn the Monaro!!!

    Unfortunately due to high costs the convertible wont be made. however dont rule it out ... talks will be conducted in the future to see if the project could actually begin. i dont think this will happen until late 2005.

    The convertible got quite high safety ratings than expected, higher than that of Mercedes SLK, Honda S2000, MG-TF, and Mazda MX-5.
  2. New 2004 Monaro

    This is the new Holden Monaro that is planned to be released in australia in the next few months.

    as you can see there has been a few changes to the design. the main change was the relocation of the fuel tank. this followed the change that the americans did on our GTO by shifting the fuel tank in between the back seat and the boot .. somehow.

    i reckon the new look is great ... dont like the new design of the back lights, though. will have to get used to it.
  3. Re: 2004 gto, or 1965 gto?

    This "new gto" is the GT-Joke, this is not and NEVER will be a GTO, the GTO started life in 1963 as a stolen package idea from another car in Pontiacs lineup, it was born in 1964, I almost bought one instead I inherited a 1970 (WAY BETTER LOOKING/PERFORMING CAR) Thanks Dad! All's this "new" car is, is the Firebird Trans Am in gto clothing/badging with a Corvette engine. HOW DARE THEY DO THAT! FU*%ERS. The GTO is a true TRUE legend, it started everthing. It's the reason our pulse raises serveral beats per minute when ever we look at a "Tough Car". I am so dissapointed in the new gto. I don't even want to capitalize the letters. It is a nice car, I drove one, I also was a member of the "F" Body club. (T/A's and Camaros) It is so much like my 1999 T/A WS-6 I can't believe it. True the gto is plusher, more defined and refined, but non-the-less MUCH heavier and slower. It is way too expensive (what isn't nowadays) and I do like it. It is all a matter of choice to the owner or car enthusiast. Thanks fellas..

    The Killer
  4. I would def. get a Judge over this anyday. This isn't a bad car by the way, but original GTOs can't be replaced. I don't think the new GTO does justice to them, but not many cars can replace good old American Muscle of the 60s and 70s

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