2012 Ford Focus Unveiled

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ScientificMaps, Jan 10, 2010.

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  3. Looks pretty good.
  4. Looks better than the current US Focus, but it looks fat. I'll have to wait and see one IRL.
  5. Front is nice, interior is pretty wild, back is too Mondeo-ish (not a good thing).
  6. its alright, its not over the top or anything, but looks nice. will fit in just fine with the civic/cruze group.
  7. Looks good apart from that front bumper which makes it look cheap.
  8. Sedan looks good, but the hatchback rear end fails.
  9. its a good overall design imo but yea that rear isnt tat great
  10. Still worse than the Euro version.
  11. am i missing something? arn't they the exact same car now?
  12. Now, it looks related to the fusion and taurus. Overall, I think ford did a good job with it. Not so pleased wiht the hatch, but still looks good. Hopefully the'll have the coupe and RS available in america too...
  13. The wheels are a bit overdone, but they probably won't make it into production. Otherwise, I like it. It's LONG overdue.
  14. need awd and turbo
  15. That interior is awesome. That has to be the best interior ever for this segment.
  16. really?! it looks ghastly!
  17. I'm talking about the styling.
  18. The interior looks too fussy, apart from that it looks good. I would of thought just like the current Fiesta, US version must differ from the European version in a few ways?
  19. thats pretty gross. i really don't like fords current design.
  20. The tachometer and speedometer and in horiable places.

    Also, not a fan of the looks at all.
  21. Were else would you put them?
  22. hello hello hello !!!

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  23. Was the older Focus based on the Mazda3? I know the Fusion was built on a 6 platform.
  24. Just hoping the RS will make it stateside!
  25. What are the differences?

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