2013 Genesis R-spec Sedan help. Fordman??

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  1. So I have had my Genni 5.0l for awhile now. Love the car, but am looking to do a few upgrades. Parts are few and far between. Fordman got any recommendations for suppliers or who builds the bestr what for these cars.

    the only things I have done so far is exhaust cut outs and rims and tires.
  2. got a vid/sound clip of the cutouts?
  3. No I am in camp working. Wont be home for a month. Will try and upload one then.
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    Similar setup here

    In the comments he says he put the cutouts just ahead of the mufflers, I removed my secondary cats replaced them with test pipes with electronic cutouts welded in. Pretty sure Fordman recommended this setup in a past topic.
  5. Sadly the Sedan community is very timid, most worry about voiding warranty with even the smallest part. In Korea, it's subject to the VIP lifestyle, so the most you see there is lip kits, badges, wheels and air suspension.

    There are no commercial aftermarket intakes, most make their own. Exhaust is about the only performance part available and since the 3.8, 4.6 and 5.0 all share nearly identical layouts, they are interchangeable. For example, Magnaflow does catbacks for both the 4.6 and 5.0, only variance is the 5.0 has resonators just behind the secondaries and the 4.6 is straight piped.

    Prada does a nice set of LED headlamp and taillamp replacements.

    No tuning is available yet either, but given the nature of Sedan owners and the average age of the owners, it won't happen until someone takes it Blood Type Racing and let them have it for a couple of days.
  6. There is an upgrade for your front brakes from the Hyundai parts bin though.

    You currently have 345mm front rotors and four-piston Mando four-piece calipers. The 2013+ Equus came equipped with 360mm front rotors and four-piston Mando monoblock calipers. The pistons in the monoblocks are slightly larger than the four-piece, master cylinder is shared between both cars, so no need to upgrade that. In fact it is a direct bolt-on affair (Aside from having to modify the brake hose on the caliper-side, usually just cutting off the retaining hook).
  7. Question for Fordman. For the coupe, does greddy make a supercharger for either engine?
  8. For the 2.0 Turbo, only more turbo options are available.

    For the 3.8 V6, Rhys Millen did a one-off supercharger for a show car. Ark did the same thing, neither vehicle was ever seen running. Blood Type Racing sells a Rotrex supercharger kit stateside. Club Los sells a roots-type supercharger kit in Korea. Track King Racing is currently developing mounting brackets and plumbing for a Gen III M90 supercharger (From Grand Prix GTP, Park Avenue Ultra, etc).

    Nothing from Greddy other than exhaust.
  9. I knew it. Some new weird guy at work had a Genesis and talked about how it had a clutch out of a C5 Vette and a Greddy supercharger in it. The car from the exterior and interior looked bone stock as far as I could tell. I looked up Greddy superchargers and nothing came up for the Genesis.

    He has now conveniently sold the car, though I never called him on it. What a weirdo. Thanks.
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    It's a shame the audio is clipped, but that sounds loud as #$%#
  11. Yeah as a total package I am very satisfied with the car. I just want to do a few little things here and there to make it mine. I guess for now its gonna have to be mostly cosmetic. I saw somewhere a suspension kit claimed to be for the sedan 2 inch lower and slightly stiffer. But can't seem to track it down again
  12. Only photo i have on my laptop. Will snap a few shots when I get home too
  13. I think it's a shame we didn't get any of the Genesis range over here.
  14. It really is an excellent car.
  15. I'm honestly thinking about a Sedan as my next car, I'm thinking about a 2012+ Sedan 3.8 GDI with the Premium and Tech packages (Which gives me all the interior features that come on the loaded 4.6/5.0). Currently there is about a $7,000 price gap between a loaded 3.8 and a loaded 5.0 R-Spec with similar miles.

    The 3.8 GDI Sedan and 3.8 GDI Coupe share a lot in common, engine-wise. The ECU is the same, but different calibration. Intakes and headers will bolt on but have to be modified due to packaging constraints. More importantly, TurboKits.com is finalizing a single turbo kit for the 3.8 GDI Coupe. Their kit for the earlier non-GDI 3.8 Coupe costs $6,500 and produces a 170 BHP gain at 6 PSI. The GDI is expected to produce even more power and more reliability, the GDI has a beefier crank and rods from the factory and the block is 2mm thicker. The kit is also expected to cost less than the non-GDI due to not needing fuel injectors to support the boost.
  16. What the hell is with this site. I cant post photos or videos
  17. One old and a few new photos. Cell phone camera so excuse the poor quality
  18. Love the look of the 12+ headlights at night. I still want the Prada headlamps though.

    Pic 1: Friend's R-Spec
    Pic 2: Genesis Prada

    - BTW, my MSA X-pipe should be here Monday, time to get rid of that resonated center section.
  19. I almost think the Prada ones are too much. I gotta say the ones on the 12+ are stupid bright. I am constantly getting flashes from other drivers thinking I have my high beams on. I don't think they can be adjusted either since they are the adaptive lights. I am surprised by how much they move too
  20. R2C has finished R&D and moving forward with production on 4.6 and 5.0 intake kits.

    Two options on pipe finish and two options on filter media.
  21. Excellent!
  22. About to spend more on the Mini in one shop visit than I've spent on maintenance and repairs over the last 8 years. Feels awwwwesome. ugh.
  23. Timing belt time or something?
  24. Clutch, rear rotors and pads and fluid flush, oil pan gasket.
  25. Word. I think the FJ needs a clutch, or at least the throwout bearing. Maybe we'll thaw out eventually.

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