2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4, 4S Leaked

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  1. 991s look really good in person.
  2. wide rear = sexy
    makes me think of brazilian girls mmmmm
  3. 400PS but it looks like that they did not want to break the 300 km/h barrier ... yet
  4. Personally I think speeds over 300 km/h are kinda useless. It's a cool stat but when or where are you really going to drive that fast? Acceleration is a lot more important.
  5. Also, this generation is the sexiest 911 generation yet
  7. only if Porsches were drivers's car

    they are not!
  8. ok I'll bite

  9. I like this generation a lot. The Carrera looks great, and I hope the Turbo will not look as busy as the 997 did.
  10. dunno its what all the instructors af the BMW event said, even some of the Porsche guys agreed.

    about weight distribution, balance, handling, etc. all technical stuff like that, I can't honestly argue than this since I didn't listen much!
  11. most importantly, all of the driving aids.
  12. you have no idea how hard I'm biting my tongue right now.
  13. I have nothing against wide rear or even front but the whole body is too large.

    Anyway I don't care about new sports car. There so many cool 911 you can buy for the type of money you would put in a basic 991.

    I never understood the appeal of a 911 as daily esp for fat bald guys.
  14. A driver's car is a car that challenge its driver. You cannot find a more involving car than an old 911.

  15. Lotus elise
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    is the perfectly balanced light sport car.

    this on the other hand

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    oh yeah not saying 911's are rubbish, they're in fact among the best. but there are so many more cars that are just as involving as a 911.
  18. are you gears grinding enough for a thread? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  19. the old one maybe, evo wasnt amazed with the new carrera, most of all it's steering feeling
  20. no. its just a think I have against the BMW club here in Ontario. mostly that they're incompetant boobs with no attention to detail when it comes to running a track day.
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    The rear engine makes it pretty special.

    I was lucky enough to make a few laps shotgun in a 1973 RSR on wet Spa and I never saw somebody so busy driving a car.

    You really need to work those things if you want to go fast.

    An elise is involving because you have to keep speed in the turns but it is just a matter of aiming for the right line.

    Mastering the dynamics of a car sounds much more involving.

    A good example would be the yellowbird around the ring video or a this
  22. "special" is perhaps the wrong word. i wouldn't say the beetle and delorean are special for having their engines behind the rear axle. "unique" is probably a better word.

    the idea of having a perform a very dangerous dance to make them go fast is not something that strikes me as being very positive. i'm sure it's immensely satisfying to be able to do it, but to have to depend on your ability to keep it under control 100% of the time for the duration of a race has to be incredibly tiresome and frustrating.
  23. Ya I really like the look of the 991 , should take one out and see if the electric steering really is that much different then the 997

    I think I saw that it won MT car of the year even still
  24. our trackday was awesome, everything was timed appropriately, we had classes from professionals race drivers (Bergeron and Bourbonnais) and rules were very strict (we got a black flag because my instructor had his hand outside the car...)

    anyway, I was surprise by how professionnal they were. Sad this isnb't the same thing in Ontario. They go to Calabogie or Mosport and run into the cement wall?
  25. Mosport is mostly where they run. glad to see at least 1 BMW club runs seemingly properly.

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