2015 Ford Mustang

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  1. After several years of relying on the nameplate's storied past, Ford is looking to bring its Mustang thoroughly up to date, both in terms of style and powertrains. The new Mustang is expected to launch for the 2015 model year.

    Ford's next-generation Mustang will reportedly ditch its retro-styling in favor of a new design inspired by the all-new Fusion sedan.

    Ford successfully emulated the styling of the 1964 Mustang when it redesigned the iconic pony car for 2005, but buyers have since cooled on the Mustang's retro look. Ford sold 166,530 units of the Mustang in 2006, but just 70,438 Mustangs found new homes in 2011. As such Ford has decided to give the Mustang a fresh look for the 2015 model year.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, the next Mustang will adopt many of the styling cues found on the new Fusion in a bid to attract younger buyers. Those that have seen the 2015 Mustang say it looks nearly identical to the Evos concept and has a distinct Aston Martin flair to it.

    Although the Mustang is in line for a major overhaul, it will retain a few of its current design cues. Those in-the-know say the car new will keep its shark-nosed grille and round headlights.

    No word on what engines might power the 2015 Mustang, but we've heard both turbocharged four and six-cylinder engines could be on tap.

    The underside of the 2015 Mustang is also in line for a major overhaul. Recent spy shots have revealed that the next 'Stang will be ditching its archaic solid rear axle for a modern independent setup, which should translate to a more compliant ride.

    Of course the 2015 Mustang won't be the first version of the pony car to employ an independent rear suspension as the 1999-2002-era SVT Cobra also used an IRS.

    Look for the next-generation Ford Mustang to make its first public debut sometime in 2014
  2. thats not a mustang
  3. Wild. I like it.

    Am I the only one that thinks that flagship cars are not supposed keep looking like they do, trying to emulate previous designs in a modernized way, etc, for the sake of maintaining an identity? I think they're supposed to keep evolving until they eventually no longer resemble the original versions, but keep just a little bit of the previous version.
  4. Its a pretty serious change from the current and traditional mustang style for sure. But The mustang has seen pretty dramatic changes from one generation to the next in the past. I dunno, it seems like they are getting away from the pony-car/muscle car idea and moving it more into a true sports car.
  5. Just a note, these photos and the write up are not from the same article. The photos are sourced from car and driver, and the write up is from leftlane news.
    Reason being the leftlane article only had pics of the evos concept, and car and driver doesnt have their article posted on their website yet.
  6. That's pretty radical, not to bad, but the four doors?

    No way a Mustang fan like myself would accept a four door 'Stang.
  7. I thought the whole 4 door Mustang thing was a joke?
  8. oh nice looks like they are using the same styling as hyundai now

  9. what type of auto bild bullshit render is this?
  10. that's the point
  11. also, rear end stolen from the viper
  12. murcielago rimms, savage rivale doors

  13. Aston Martin DB7 called
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    2015 Ford Mustang to get 2.3-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder with 310 horsepower?

    The rumors of an EcoBoost four-cylinder coming to the 2015 Ford Mustang have been all but confirmed, but the technical specifications of the engine including displacement and horsepower and torque outputs are still up for debate. Earlier this year it was surmised that the engine could be the same turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder slated to be in the next generation Ford Focus RS, which could produce anywhere from 250 to upwards of 320 horsepower. Of course, that leaves little room for a V6 option, and it’s possible that Ford might drop the six-cylinder for the Mustang all together.

    According to one forum user over at AllFordMustangs.com, though, the rumor of a 300+ horsepower four-cylinder offering is correct. Member GT_STYLE, claiming to be have been part of a market research study for the next generation Mustang, states that an EcoBoost 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine was listed as an engine option, producing 310 horsepower and netting 34 MPG on the highway.

    GT_STYLE also gave his impressions of the design, saying that “the body is very similar to the current body but the sides are formed/indented and the trunk length is smaller. The front was very very cool with a beehive grill. The Mustang logo was centered and about 3 inches from the grill and it had a chrome line/piece going from side to side on either side of the logo.

    He continued by describing the headlights and taillights.They [the headlights] were little slants, not the traditional round Mustang lights or even close to the current HID style. They [the taillights] are actually louvered and projecting out. Kinda like the quarter window louvers. They are solid red. The traditional third break light on the trunk lid was gone. The third break light is now actually quite large and under the license plate.”

    Of course, all of this information has to still be considered rumor, and it’s likely specifications and the design of the 2015 Mustang could still be tweaked. Either way, expect a four-cylinder option for the 2015 Mustang with power outputs and fuel mileage as good or better than the current Mustang V6.

  15. You know what, 34mpg 300hp rwd car? Where do I sign up...?
  16. Ecoboost v6 Mustang GT variants?
  17. if the 4 cylinder is any lighter id like that version
    probably they should just make a smaller model altogether
    more z or genesis coupe or frs size
  18. Will take one in black. If it comes into existence.
  19. looks like shit
  20. In a car that looks that nice to boot. Never been a Ford fan, but they've been doing everything right lately.
  22. You don't know anything.
  23. Uhh no. thats the ford Evos concept.
  24. I want one. Come on Afghanistan money.
  25. Are you saying the pic I posted is the Evos?

    Pic one is the Evos
    Pic 2 is the "next mustang" renderings

    Their styling is nearly identical with exception of the tail lights.

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