270hp per liter

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  1. i wonder how much it would cost to get this tecnolagy on the street
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    Ok when you have a car with 270 horespower per Liter you either are running some kind of Turbo (Supercharger, etc.) or in F1's case (which what I think you are refering to) you run a Naturally Aspirated engine (meaning the intake does not have any mechanical pieces that help force more air into the engine). Anyways if you want that much horsepower you have to run high rpm (around 19,000 rpm) and that takes away from the engines reliability. A Formula 1 engine only lasts race distance or about that so that would eliminate it from being able to be put onto the street. Meaning you would have to pay a whole rack of money every couple of short drives to get a new engine. I hope that answers why the technology is not used on the street.
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  3. McLarenMercedesAS said the right thing ! You would have to pay a milion euro for each ~400 km how much the MP4-16 engine is or ~800 km for the MP4-19 engine ( YEAH RIGHT !!!! )

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