300ZX TT, stock motor--- 10.74 @ 127.39mph

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    I have not been on here for some time. So I thought I would post some old news for you people.

    One of the twinturbo.net guys just ran few 10 second passes with 10.74 @ 127.39mph being his best in a 300ZX TT with stock motor and 130K miles on the car. He is not the only guy doing this BTW. Zo and few others are also running 10's on stock motors.
    Ohhhh BTW, he is running GT2530 turbos.

    Anyway, here is a link to the post on twinturbo.net. There are many pictures of many Z's and other impressive cars at the track. Many stock motor 300ZX's in 10's and low to mid 11's...


    Here's a video of his 10 seconds run:


  2. Ive seen Zo run 10s at the last event i went to. Is he on spray?
  3. I think he is. I have no idea what else he has though.
  4. Hes aftermarket turbos, but i dont know if hes stock block.
    Last time we went to CA speedway, most of the 10 second cars were the supras (me, al rhee, jon S.) and a couple 300zx in the upper/mid 10s. The vipers and corvettes (who outnumbered us at least 4:1) werent puttin out the numbers, hehe.
  5. Dont they have V8/V10's!? And they didnt put down as good of numbers? Crazy world. (not realy)
  6. I know a couple vipers had over 700rwhp, and a couple vettes 600bhp+.
  7. Raced (and beat) a Turbo/Nos LS1 Camaro on the track. 845WHP.

    Did I mention he about went sideways on the track and died? He had to let way off, but I WON!#[email protected]@!
  8. He DIED? Harsh. People talk about aribags and rollcages for safety...the real safety piece IMO is the tires. Since I went to better tires, the car stays straight.
  9. No. He didnt die. But he died inside when he lost to a Z!
  10. HAHA!
  11. Doesn't mean they are modified.

    And if the 300ZXTT why doesn't it come anywhere near to breaking anyones records?

    And if stock engine blocks and aftermarket turbos are the in thing some guy is running mid 9s in a Ford Fairmont with stock engine and aftermarket turbo so 300ZXs really suck.
  12. This was an track rental day rented buy a Corvette/Viper shop you had to RSVP for, so most of the cars were modded. But i think the main issue was traction, as only a few vipers and corvettes ran ET streets.
  13. So, 300ZXs came stock with GT2530 turbos?
  14. I think he means stock longblock.
  15. So if I had a stock 350 longblock that had a tunnel-ram intake with dual Holley Dominator carbs, that would be stock?
  16. That would be stock block, ya. Thats the intake mani, not the heads/piston/crank etc.
  17. An intake could make quite a bit of a difference. I could just as well say that those 12 and 11 second diesel trucks are stock, because all they did was reprogram the computer and put an exhaust on it, maybe a different turbo. Forgetting that they might be making over double the horsepower/torque they did stock.
  18. He didnt say stock, he said stock block. Everything else was changed. Stock block does not equal stock intake, headers, exhaust, turbo etc
  19. Like I said, stock long block doesn't mean much. There was a late-model Mustang in Car Craft running a modular engine out of a Navigator, and besides the massive turbo and probably better pistons, it was stone stock right down to the cams. It did 8s in the 1/4 in a low state of tune for a licensing run, and they figure it'll do 7s. It makes well over 1200 horsepower. That's quite a ways from stock I'd say.
  20. Replacing pistons is a pretty big deal, and totally defeats the purpose of calling it stock block. All it means is that the bottom end is stock, and no real headwork or porting was done.
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  22. i don't think his internals are stock
  23. Zo's?
  24. ?...... zo's??........ i mean the 300zx thats all <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  25. I might end up running 10s with my 461 olds after all.

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