4-door Muscle Sedan ?

Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by Lee Iacocca, Sep 21, 2002.

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    The only 4-door sedans that Pontiac has shown off recently have been the Bonneville GXP, Grand Prix GXP Concept, Grand Am GXP Concept, and G6 Concept.

    There has never been a '4-door' GTO shown by Pontiac, especially on their website.
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    Maybe somewhere in some parallel universe Mr Pontiac decided an SS commodore would make a good export for Aussie. I would love to see Ford start exporting XR Falcons to the states to see what Uncle sam made of a 4 litre inline six with a turbo on it!
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    Not saying the GTO isn't a muscle car but what do you mean "a 5.7L V8" is "just as big as any of ur american cars." That 5.7L V8 in the Monaro/GTO is an AMERICAN engine. All of your Holdens are powered by american engines. I'm sick of all this talk about how the GTO is an Austrailian car. The GTO is as much Aussey as the Monaro is American. The country of origin (if that matters to you) of a car is determined by the badge that is on it, regardless of the country of origin the car on which it is based is from. Monaro is considered Aussey even though it has an American engine. The Chrysler Crossfire is considered American even though it is powered by a German engine. Go by the label and GET OVER IT.
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    Cadillac Catera was a four door, oh yah same chassis too, but it got that week v6 made in england, but yah same shit, but the new four door beast is the Cadillac CTS-V said to be quicker around Nourburg or however you spell it than either M cars (M3-M5) :D
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    your wrong. just because it has an american engine doestn make it american. Just about every component has been designed, made and tested in australia for australian conditions with the exception of the engine and gear box. if the gto was made and desigend in america then it would be american. the badge has nothing to do with it otherwise us aussie would be calling barinas our own because they have a holden badge. but they are designed in germany and made in spain
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    The Pontiac GTO is a historic car but it was only one model of it ok
    so how can you say its not like a GTO, there was one model and evolution of its design whos to say it would not look like this now or who is to say that, the car has that strong identity that a mustang has and should be kept the way it was in 65, ok...
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    your right, cars have to modernise, styles change and you cant expect a car made now to look like it was made in 1965 because it would be outdated, not to mention failing safety requirements. all cars have to evolve eventually otherwise the competition will take over
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    well this car is sort of based on cadillac catera...

    at the beginning there was opel omega which was rebadged in america as cadillac catera (well...it had minor cosmetic changes). then gm passed the opel omega platform to australia and they improved it a bit to suite their markets. they put that nice american v8 into it and made some changes to exterior (the front and the end...from side opel omega and holden commodore look exactly same!)...i think the whole interior was redone. aussies were thinking how could they bring the legendary monaro coupe back. then they got the idea of making commodore coupe....and as you know monaro is just a coupe commodore. then yanks noticed what a fine peace of a car that monaro was and they rebadged it to pontiac (some minor exterior changes again).

    when they made the v8 commodore in australia opel was about to release opel omega v8 (which had the same american v8) but for some reason it never came to production...maybe it would have been too expensive to produce it only for a coupe of years (opel omega's platform was getting too old and was replaced with signum in 2003). but i've heard that omega is making a comeback with v8...it will be propably based on some american v8 sedan...i think it will most propably be the cadillac cts.

    this is nothing like "i think that this is the way it is"...i know this.
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    2 door.
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    2 door is way better than 4 door. why would u want a 4 door car anyway? 2 door saves weight, it costs less, improves accel, etc. catch my drift?
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    But still for a "family car" This is one of the Best!!! I love LS1 V8s, they are Awsome!!

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