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Discussion in '2007 BMW Concept CS' started by Sniperhail, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. This looks so much fiercer than the 7 series. Hopefully this is in the running to be the next gen.
  3. They could do some work on the front and back but I like it.
  4. i think they have on OK shape, but it needs to be worked on... a lot.
  5. In general it's ok, but the fine details ruin it
  6. I doubt this will be the next 7 series, it will be more like the Mercedes CLS-marketed as a four door coupe rather than a luxury sedan
  7. Indeed, I am not to fond of this BMW Concept CLS... errr CS.
  8. i actually really like it
  9. You are a #$%#ing retard, take that avatar down
  10. It has sort of a BMW 507 look to the nose.
  11. it looks ok, i think they need to improve the front where the grill is but it reminds me alot of a modern Aston Martin
  12. Definitely looks nice, but I find it lacks the classiness of the Aston Martin Rapide, yet lacks the aggressiveness of a Mercedes CLS (that car in AMG form and black looks totally mafia...hence sexy). I think this is sorta like the Maserati Quattroporte. Looks kinda cool, but funky, and will definitely be a road rocket.
  14. *what basman quoted*

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