Advise pls - 1986 Jag Sovereign

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  2. basically everything electrical is crap in those cars. all the connecters are shit and they're prone to catching fire.

    she's also going to spend a ton of money on replacing normal stuff (following prices are in Canadian dollars, I have no idea if the parts are cheaper where you are). for example to replace the front brake pads and discs you're looking at about $1000. if the front shocks go that's another thousand. the engines are solid but there are some pain in the ass rubber lines that when they go you basically have to take the intake off.
  3. Thanks, I will pass that on to her. Allready explained the general classic car and older limo story to her in general.
  4. good man. the best money she could spend if she's serious about buying this is to take it to a specialist and have them look it over.

    they're awesome cars to drive and I'm sure she'd have fun with it. only thing I forgot to mention was the horrific fuel consumption.

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