Alternatives to cable tv?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. get plex for all your torrents too
  2. Xbmc , Sportsdevil add on
  3. ya? even in Canada?
  4. do you know any solid online tutorials on how to jailbreak it and do all this stuff?
  5. ya just watched tiger drop the ball … if you have a vpn its a lot better , sometimes you want a euro ip sometimes us …
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  8. they will sell you an apple tv 3 new , which supports 1080p but has not been jailbroken as far as I know … just look on ebay craigslist , should be like 100 -150 and probably will come jailbroken …

  9. Cool, will do. Thanks for the advice
  10. I didn't realize they hacked ESPN. Do I have to get an Apple TV or does Sports devil work on other devices? There are people out there who pay $120/month to the cable company just to get ESPN.
  11. Chromecast. Soon Android Mirroring will be on Chromecast and you can use youre entire phone/tablet interface wireless on your TV. Shows you download/buy/stream are completely seamless. You can now buy HBO shows on Google Play too and you can get a Nexus 7 for under $200.

    Also torrenting but you already knew that.
  12. works for Windows , Mac , Linux , UBuntu , Android , IoS , Apple tv 1 apple tv 2

    edit and Ras PI
  13. Hulu and Netflix + Chromecast. Anything you want that isn't available you can torrent or stream and then cast from your laptop/phone to the TV.
  14. surriously, get a Roku

    I use my PS3 for Youtube/Netflix/Hulu but the PS3 is just so clunky to use, I can't imagine the PS4 being any better

    I am interested in this Chromecast thing though
  15. What is hulu
  16. It's like Netflix but shows mostly Korean soap operas.
  17. the real answer is exercise.
  18. gross
  19. any k-pop channels? this could swing the voters
  20. stfu
    i hate all jpop kpop anything

    i hate asian pop culture so much

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