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  1. Give your screen the middle finger (flick off, "the bird", etc). What is your thumb doing?
  2. On the index finger, but up a bit, far from my ring finger though. Option 3

    I like these polls
  3. on the index finger
  5. Pointing away, letting the haters now to GTFO
  6. My friend flicked me off and her thumb was WAY out, like almost 90 degrees to her middle finger. I was all "what the hell is wrong with you? that's supposed to be an insult, but you've just made yourself look foolish". Then we had a conversation about how many different ways you could flick someone off, and I realized that I was super interested in crap like this (and the phone-hand poll).
  7. same
    letting them know to now gtfo
  8. ya something like that
  9. thumb relaxed but knuckles squared and finger tensed
  10. In before sled driver, btw
  11. haha
  14. wahts up with people who always have to toss up the middle finger when taking pictures? they also usually tilt their headback too
    who here does that
  15. Only pressing down the index finger. When I flip the bird, I can only do it with my right hand. With my left hand, it hurts. That's because I had a major injury on my left hand.
  16. to much metal in the 70's and 80's?
  17. Need more metal!
  18. Separate from the index finger, pointing upwards
  19. 2, 3, 4 and other.
  21. i was getting some weird looks in the office then, giving the finger to my screen
  22. Dido, for me too.
  24. on the index finger

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