Any projects for 2012

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  1. Pulling the engine out of my mercedes to replace a headgasket, timing chain, oil leaks, ect. Its overheading and I hope its just a head gasket and not a cracked head or something.

    Then I'll probably sell it so I have money for an expensive plane ticket I need to buy in may.

    I also need to put a transmission in my volvo 740

    And put a transmission in my volvo 780

    And replace the clutch and swap a spare transmission in my volvo 240

    Then finally get my corolla running.
  2. what is the point of volunteer work
    i dont understand, seems pointless
    what do YOU get out of it?
  3. Put in my application for police/emergency work. or just go with the flow for another year, get more free training and then giv'r towards a more fruitful career. Either way, as much as I would love to buy an acreage, nothing makes financial sense right now to head into that direction. Personally considering saving up for a nice loft downtown, close to work and the local farmers market.
  4. yes im building the new maclaren sportscar
  5. Graduate

    Get Job
  6. Graduate. Again. Go back to school. Again.
  7. I'm still on my multi-year project 240sx.

    I also need to paint some in my garage after I had to fix my electrical problems. Never hire an electrician... the one I hired to fix my heat in the garage, well, he basically opened up the new thermostat, and re-taped the burnt wires. No wonder it only worked for 4 days. I re-wired my entire garage, put the heaters on separate breakers, no more problems. Now I just need to re-paint my peg board.
  8. I really should finish my Spitfire. also I'm considering selling a house.
  9. ^when I first read that, I was thinking v12 merlin, not Triumph. lol
  10. nah. a friend of mine has 3 Spitfires (Merlins) I just have that Triumph.
  11. I'm about to start volunteering soon, and I'll get happiness from being around horses.
  12. I think you should change the title ofthis thread to "what are you going to spend money on this year?"

    Damn capitalists
  13. Ok just skimmed the thread, basically on the same wavelength as alphonse here. Purchasing things arent 'projects' wtf
  14. Reichs?
  15. None. I never plan anything ahead.
  16. my only true goal for this year is to get rid of shit. i have a habit of keeping stuff that i think i might need later or have a use for later on, and then i might not touch it for a couple of years. not hoarder style, but in a small one bedroom apartment where you get to see everything you own all the time, it gets a bit annoying. i will be throwing away literally half of the ``stuff`` i own. then from there i will take all of the stuff that i do actually use, but only occasionally, into an offsite 5x5 storage unit.

    then i will go camping more often. and i will go to concerts more often. and i will ride by bike more often, not just in loops but all around town. and i will do more solitary activities more often. and i will read more often. and i will take my niece and nephew more often.
  17. My main money-related project is to save 5k this year (and every year from now on) for retirement. I'd also like to take a couple trips out west again and do some more hiking. Would love to go back to Yosemite.
  18. Got to sell one of my houses and put the proceeds into the house I just bought.

    got a bunch of furniture restoration and home project I cant wait to get into.
  19. I definitely need to do this.
  20. Need to finish education for the time being... no problems there except i need to write my individual project on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. maybe get an olde english car and import to norway when i move back. Maybe find a house. Maybe decide to travel for a year. Maybe get a job instead. I really dont know. Have a lot of options right now. Maybe even go back to school for a masters degree, but i dont think so right now. Id quite like a gap year. Other, less important projects include finishing my bike project, refurbishing my 3pc Gotti wheels and some other stuff maybe.
  21. Finish my master thesis
  22. real usa#1 post here - no job, but still going to school and buying cars and houses and planning travel.
  23. Get my knee down, without crashing that is.

    Continue the gym thing. +running.
  24. thanks. at least someone understands..

  25. yeah well i just ``bought`` microsoft ``project``

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