Anyone hear ever driven an M5

Discussion in '2001 BMW M5' started by Duesey, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I've had the pleasure of unwinding BMW's amazing 5.0l V8, anyone else enjoyed the smae thing. Sure is nice to be able to outrun a Corvette with four friends and luggage,=.
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    yeah i faked interest in one to score a test drive. loved wasting stupid wankers in their civics and bodykitted lancers from the lights
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    I've been a passenger in an M5, although not at speed. I personally drive an E39 540, and that's pretty fast itself.

    Certainly much faster than the red Corvette that tried to race me near Dusseldorf yesterday :)
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    I've driven a tuned '95 E34 M5 sometimes. Perfection...
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    Yup i've driven one. its so fast u literally get pinned to the seat. The experience is awsome and uncomparable. anyone else here agree?
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    i drove one around the corner once. Didn't really know how fast it was gonna be. I was soooo surprised, the thing really hauled. Probably the fastest car I have ever drove
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    Yea i am only 16 and my mom: who drives a red one, let me drive it. Beautiful machine.

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    Anyone hear ever driven an M5

    I`ve made a couple of trips with it and the sounds are just great!
    It has the same engine as the z8.
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    no, but one of my friends took his m5 at 100+ mph straight along a long country road with no cars around... its supposedly really, really great
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    Ive driven the M5 on many occasions, perfect car
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    i have been lucky enough to drive one into the garage a few times lol. the car is my dads and it is so fast! so far we have gotten it to 175 (we took out the chip that limited the speed to 155). the car is still undefeated in our little highway races (counting a Ferrari 550 Marrenello!) he took it to a track day, and he was beating porshes, z06s, ferraris. pretty much the only things that did not beat it are tubeframe race cars! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I've driven a 2003 BMW 540I AC SHNITZER show car with 5 TVS and 20000 Stereo system. My friend has put around 360HP in it. It cam with the M package so besides that 40hp difference its pretty close to an M5. Guess what? There is nothing better then smoking BOXSTERS, G35s and Integras-R! Its pretty fun to me! They can just smell ur burning tires
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    Yeah i agree!
    I just came back from a Ski holiday when we crossed Germany.
    We raced a new Audi A8 quattro (don't the type) that was an easy win. I sometimes had to shift back from 6th to 5th gear at +/-120km/h to stay near his rearbumper. I could go back to 3th, but 5th was more then enough to stay at his tale and get easly passed him. Later we had a Porsche 911 carrera (2002) behind us. We raced him with speeds from 120km/h - 250km/h. I had 3 persons in the car with ski's bags etc, etc. He was alone. On one moment he tryed to pass us, i shifted up into 5th gear at about 210km/h and flored the throttle of the M5. He was in our slipstream so i couldn't lose him, but when i whent to the right lane of the highway he couldn't even get next to us! He stayed behind us up to +/-250km/h then we had to slow down because of the traffic. Antoher time i tested the top speed with a GPS, the limiter stoped the huge acceleration at 263km/h (270 at the tacho)
    So the topspeed of the Carrera should be higher, but until 263km/h he cannot pass the M5!
    High Quality picture of the beast included.
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    The M5 is my favoritre performance sedan.

    I wish I had the money to buy one. I'd probably tranplant all the M-specific hardware to a standard E39 wagon, M5 wagon, bitchin.
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    I just joined this forum. I own a 01' black on black M5. The car yanks like a mother. With the mods I've done, I've walked away from stock M5 fairly easily. Be aware, you have to be very carefull with the power of this vehicle because it can throw you into a tree pretty quickly. It's a fairly good vehicle to produce consistent hard acceleration for a stick shift, but one shift thats too choppy and you'll ruin it all. Also, this car may be a sedan, but you can't pussyfoot the shifter into gear and it makes a really nice clean 'click' when you shift. My latest kill, or should I say absolute texas chainsaw massacre raped gorilla style slaughter was on a new Celica GT that just didn't know what he got himself into after cutting me off. Read the badge, oops you just lost!
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    Also nice;

    See picture
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