Audi R8 - The “big bang” of dynamism

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Dec 1, 2006.

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  2. Wow.

    Thanks, that's new to me.
  3. :d ...the formulation.... or the movie ?
  4. Are there any official tests of the car? I hope the hamster gets well soon so we can get back to the comedy of Top Gear. I wanna see how t his car fairs agains the 911s. I think it might narrowly edge it out. Also, shouldnt the new M3 be entered in this category assuming the 420bhp roumors are true. The only place where the bmw might need help is in braking.
  5. Nope. I was thinking about the RR Phantom, wich is in the text I quoted. Read it again.
  6. Hammond's back behind the wheel now. New eps start airing in January.
  7. You have a whole folder dedicated to a 1969 Citroen?
  8. hey mighty boy ... then the rs4 should as well be compared to the R8 and 911 ... premium medium class saloons vs. super boost sport exotics... get it ? no offence... don't get it like that...but your point is kinda' out of the question... m3 vs. 911 out of question don't you think so ?
  9. Nu cred, diferenta in pret esta aproape nul intre un 911 si un M3. (Romanian)--->Translation: not really since the price difference between a 911 and an M3 should be about the same, considering prices always rise. Maybe there will be a 5% increase this time or prolly more, we'll just have to wait.

    Your denomination of the R8 and 911 being super boost exotics is a little far fetched to put it mild voinicule :D. First the word boost is not to be associated with any of the cars that you mentioned, either the R8, 911 carrera, RS4 and the M3. The 911 and the R8 are sports cars. I dunno if that still applies though with cars like the Z06 F430 etc being called supercars. They are not exotics either, 911s especially.

    As I said, where the new M3 will have problems in keeping up with these two if included in the category might be braking. As I dont think BMW will give the option of ceramic brakes on a relatively common high volume sports car, simply because there wont be too much profit involved wit hthe move.

    ps. nvm on the point of price, just saw the sticker of 130.000 for the R8 there's no way the M3 will cost that much. You got me on that one :D.
  10. your romaniaaaaaaaaaaaan
  11. ce bine e sa am si eu un compatriot pe aici frate !! ...te cunosc de undeva.... mai stai pe vreun forum romanesc ceva ??
  12. Yes... why?

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