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  1. You can disagree. Thats just my opinion.
  2. Eh. I though he was just mocking Trump, and not arguing that this is grounds for his impeachment or something. There are a lot more other substantial facts to demonstrate that the guy is inept, if that's what seabee wanted to (which I don't think it is).

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
  3. No no. I didn't necessarily think Seabee himself was. I was reacting to the article and some others and Twitter posts and what not. Making a mountain out of a mole hill.
  4. nah when its all wrapped up in one incompetent human everything gets thrown on the pile. His job is too important to accept any less

    wasnt he bragging about a big world ending button? lets hold him to a higher standard
  5. While I don't think it's productive for the media to be clinging to small fish like the President making a reading mistake, they kinda of have a point in giving a lot of attention to that.

    This is a President that said very hyperbolically that he's a genius (and a stable one at that), that he knows more about *add a subject here* than anyone else, that he went to the best schools and knows the best words, and then he blatantly lies about any and every thing with no regard to how absurd his lies are. All of that while at the same time attacking the press as an enemy of the people.

    Call it schadenfreude, but also call it the press actually doing its job in pointing how ridiculous the guy is. If any other public official made a mistake like this the press wouldn't bat an eyelash, but with Trump they probably feel a duty in reporting it to sections of the population who think he's a superhero.
  6. Yeah this makes sense I guess.
    I just dislike the habit in general.
  7. Not sure if it belongs to this thread, but yesterday was the first commercial flight between India and Israel to go over Saudi Arabian airspace. Up until now, all flights were forced to go around, making them much longer and more expensive than they need to be. This was an Air India flight, but El-Al has asked for permission as well. Relationships have been warming up between the Saudis and us.
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  8. 747 landing at our local airport. Not something you see every day.
  9. I graduated in December and it's a pain in the ass trying to find an entry-level job. Lots of foreign maintenance organisations are recruiting, and are complaining about serious shortages of skilled and motivated workers, but won't even let you apply because "hurrrr durrr you live in the wrong country".

    It's frustrating af.
  10. have you tried your pulling on your bootstraps
  11. No, but a significantly less competent classmate did get a job because his dad is some kind of manager in the organisation.

    I should travel back in time to the 80's, get a job in the industry, and impregnate myself in order to get a 'real' job today.
  12. good luck
    ive been trying for years
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  13. The unfortunate truth about all education is that qualifications are an awful measure of people's competence and credentials are more of a formalism of acceptance into a community than an indication of ability. Most of our post-secondary educational traditions are very literally medieval.
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  14. Thanks, now I feel less crappy.
  15. youll be fine tuuka
    looking for a job with no experience is always pretty shitty. but keep looking youll get something! and then a bunch more doors will open!
  16. You were right.

    I was quite frustrated when even plan B and plan C didn't work out. I was willing to take any job even remotely connected to my field of expertise, in whatever shitty company in an even shittier location, rarely ever getting a reply.

    But then I got an email related to an old application, went to an interview and I'll be starting in September. It's slightly amusing that this position was my #1 choice all along; I had asked about internship opportunities more than two years ago, long before finishing my education. Now they offered a permanent contract with decent salary and they'll even take care of my expenses related to moving and finding a new apartment.

    I feel like I've won the lottery.
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  17. fucking awesome! and now that youre getting experience you will have a more than decent shot at whatever you want to do next

    are you still in finland
  18. Yes, until September.
  19. and then? is it top secret why are you being withholding from me honey
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  20. [​IMG]
  21. Congrats. What is you field of expertise?
  22. Aircraft maintenance
  23. are you looking forward to a more human friendly climate
  24. Northern Germany is hardly tropical, but I welcome every small improvement I can get.

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