Badass trucks picture thread

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  1. We need a spot to dump awesome trucks everyone comes across on the interwebs.

    Huge honkin F-650s lifted & smokestacked, Defenders crawling up muddy hills, H1s conquering lions back, Unimogs slamming over & through sand dunes... anything that gets the testosterone pumping & makes you do the Tim the Toolman man-grunt, that kinda stuff.

    Ready go.
  2. Good call.

    Edit: wtf not loading pictures again or something?

  3. I want a Defender with any of the past diesel engines so, so hard.
  5. 1st is a total chaos toyota pickup (hilux to you ass backward people) with coil over front suspention that cycles 12" with working 4x4. And the second is camburg's class 7 ranger.
  6. The best thing about these pictures is that they are right off the Jeep website, as standard media pictures. While most other companies show their trucks in highly photoshopped settings with fake mud, Jeeps just outright says "#$%# yeah, our trucks can do this and we're not afraid to show it."
  7. I like jeeps and all, but a 2 wheel drive pickup with posi and some nice tires is capable of all said pictures, and with d35 axles and chrysler transmissions, they arn't gonna be doing those things for long. They are due credit though for not photo shopping it on some rocks or something, or like honda where they advertise the ridgeline like its good to go race baja with a couple lights and some all terrains.
  8. Valid points. I think the Rubicon comes with dana 44s though. Most pickups aren't going to be able to get that sort of flex out of their front suspensions either.
  9. Why does everybody get All terrains? Isn't there other tires out there that are better on road and off?
  10. you all fail for not posting this first
  11. #$%#ING WIN
  12. Because besides BFG projects they grip dry dirt better then pretty much any tire out there, they wear really well, they're cheaper then muds, and they don't wail like a banshee going down the road. The only downside to them is they load up with mud pretty fast, but if you keep them spinning they'll clean, just not as well as boggers. I've heard good things about bridgestone revos but they arn't as agressive and cost just as much.
  13. There are a number of Unimogs for sale in alberta, one day ill get an old one, then when all the kids are like "you rollin in a benz dawg" I can say "HELL YEAH".

    No but really, it would be a mega practical vehicle, you could offer so many services with one, it would be a great tool/truck.
  14. I love Power Wagons.
  15. the 1950s civilian military trucks are the best.
  16. They're not actually doing anything cool, but so what.
  17. They're not actually doing anything cool, but so what.
  18. Win
  19. OH MY GOD... thats gonna come down pretty hard i suspect
  20. Who cares? It's a G-wagen, they are teh ultimate win.
  21. Not if you jump it right
    Onto some pork-chops.
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    I love weekends.

  23. God that would be scary throwing that thing over hills and slamming over terrain. Awesome.

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