Batman vs Superman

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  1. I saw it.

    I thought it was pretty damn enjoyable. The film critics are on crack.

    It had some story & plot problems, but it has so many epic moments that offset those problems.

    I think Jesse Eisenberg was a great Lex Luthor. He played the character well, and the character was well written with some pretty fantastic monologues.

    Ben Affleck was awesome. Probably the best on-screen Batman so far IMO. The way he moves and takes out bad guys feels like it's right out of the Arkham game series.

    Even if you hated the movie, one thing to take away from it is the possibility of a standalone Batman film, starring Affleck, direceted by Affleck.
  2. I want to see it since it's partly based on the dark knight returns. I usually like DC story telling much more than Marvel's
  3. I wouldn't say it's partly based on it, but it definitely takes inspiration from it.

    But yeah, Marvel movies have become boring and unpredictable. DC characters are just more interesting.

    edit: I mean't to say predictable.*
  4. I'd think predictable would be more boring. I've never been a fan of DC though. Marvel/Image fan boy.
  5. That's what I meant to say

  6. Part 2 should be called Batman vs Supraman
  7. just completely done with superhero movies
  8. Dawn of Rudeness
  9. Well all super hero and most movies in general are predictable. I mean, it's not like half way through the movie Batman or Iron Man is going to randomly get his head blown off with a shotgun by some Muslim or juggalo.
    As far as this movie, it's predictable that Batman and superman help each other at the end. Because they #$%#ing showed us doomsday in the previews. So stupid they ruined that surprise.
    Edit: and even more stupid they made Doomsday look like a #$%#ing Ninja Turtle.


  10. Also:
  11. Well yeah, the movie is also called "Dawn of Justice" so if anyone was expecting literally anything other than Batman and Superman eventually teaming up, leading to the Justice League, then they are pretty dumb

    I was more talking about the predictability of the Marvel movie formula. I still enjoy their movies, but they are starting to wear a little bit thin. Age of Ultron was particularly terrible.
  12. Sorry but Batman vs Superman was incredibly shit.
  13. Oh ya
    Just an incredible cash cow for disney
    Id even consider the new star wars a superhero movie
  14. Yes. I haven't watched most of them, actually. I do enjoy parts of them, but I'm hoping that this and Suicide Squad (which I'm assuming will be a train wreck) will dial back the onslaught of mega-budget superhero movies.
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  18. Make it a clickable link then noob
  19. they need to stop making super hero movies. the genre is entirely exhausted.
  20. superhero movies = boring
  21. im watching it this week. if it sucks hardcore thats it for superhero movies

    suicide squad looks so bad though
  22. sadly they all make the studios SO MUCH MONEY so we're destined to have this shit filling the cinemas for a good while to come

    franchises = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  23. Israel is all like "there's an Israeli on that movie. We've conquered Hollywood". Heard she only has 7 minutes of screentime.
  24. Hah, its always the same with finnish actors.

    All respect for their work. How their hard work is reported is hilarious.

    Also 7min is a lot. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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