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  1. bought some new stuff
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  3. Interested in the BB XXIII and XXIV? I assume you got or can get XXV, but if not I can get one of those, too. Going to toss them up in a FT thread in the near future if you're not interested.
  4. Picked these up at World Market the other day. I wouldn't normally go for these, but they were only $9 each (for 9 beers) due to a flash sale and there was a lot of (pretty bad) stuff I hadn't tried along with some very solid beers. Seemed like it was worth it for a little variety to me.

    First conclusion: It doesn't matter where in the world it comes from, 99% of pale lagers are pretty bad (especially when they come in a green bottle).
  5. hah I got the beers of the world box as a gift for my birthday. They were old but some still good. The pear cider was nice.
  6. Oh yea, I'd be down, anything you're interested in?
  7. They seem like they change much of it out pretty regularly. I'm sure there are some staples, but mind didn't have any cider. Wish it didn't instead of all these weak pale lagers.
  8. I don't know, something sort of similar in terms of release would be nice. Something that's released annually that I don't get or something along those lines. Obviously fresh they're not super limited beers, but being older vintages of an annual release, they're not exactly shelf beers, either.
  9. Well I've only been in the beer scene for about a year now, so I don't have a lot vintage stuff just yet. I do have multiples of several of the recent commodities though. Not sure if its worth it for you though if you want vintages.

    I do recall you saying you liked Velvet Merkin a lot, did you get some of that?
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  13. where are dubbel,tripel, quadruple and amber?
  14. Guess the first three would fall into the Belgian strong light/dark. Amber is there, but I imagine you're talking about Belgian ambers, which would still fall into that category, I guess.
  15. I'm just catching up on the BA hauls thread and I saw your BCBS post and all I can say is DAAAAAAAMN BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  16. Lol, it was a crazy week. Expensive too, I missed the black friday release because I was hungover from a midnight release the night before. Didnt realize how much I drank at the release, I really thought I was taking it easy but I guess my stomach was more empty than I thought.

    I did manage to get a king henry that day from a guy in NY, which was awesome.
  17. I didn't mean necessarily trading vintage for vintage, just trading for something that isn't a year-round shelf offering is all. I'd be interested in trying some Pipeworks special release stuff, for example.
  18. Ahh, well then, soon they will release their first ever BA beer, its a milk stout. I've had their BA coffee abduction stout which was pretty awesome, but very bourbon forward.

    Also just released was Cherry Truffle Abduction. Of course nothing beats their DIPAs and I currently have an extra Galaxy Unicorn from a trade that I think is falling through.
  19. Speaking of beer trades, on Friday I sent a box to Florida using FedEx and the guy sent me a box using UPS the same day. My box was delivered to him today and his isn't supposed to be here until Thursday. How the hell did that happen? I already had little love for UPS and no I have even less. Will have to suggest that people use FedEx in the future.
  20. I'm in no rush to make the trade, honestly. The BBs aren't going to get worse, I have one box landing Thursday and have another trade that will get worked out within the next couple weeks. That box is going to require me to spend some cash to fill out the rest of the box, which is a pretty big one. It's a trade I've been working on for months.
  21. gotcha, let me know when theres something you want.
  22. Shitty Wednesday.
    Quality Wednesday night.
  23. You beer hipsters are all douches!
  24. oh no a hipster douche thinks were douches for liking something he claims to have liked before it was popular …


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