Best supercar value period!

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by chevs991, Oct 31, 2002.

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    Re: Best supercar value period!

    go to all the tvrs are on here, and believe me they are very well priced. for a 200mph+ you are looking at £48000 for a tuscan S and £45000 far a cerbera 4.5. BEASTS TO SAY THE LEAST.
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    Re: Best supercar value period!

    for the price of a tvr y not upgrade to a lingenfelter? 550hp for $22,000 over the price of the car and get at least mid 11 to 12 second 1/4 mile time, its still the better value.
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    a)the lingenfelter vette is more expensive.

    b) it's a tuner. We're comparing stock cars to tuners? Next you'll be comparing TVR to funny cars or indy cars.
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    $55,000 + $22,000 = $77,000 as compared to 48,000 pounds which equals $74,477. The comment that was presented was in regards to the corvette's value as a performance car as compared to other cars. The point that I'm making is that the corvette is still a better value than most supercars, even after costly upgrades.

    Who said anything about funny cars? I know the vette is fast but not that fast.


    LS1 + LS6 = The best OHV V8 in the World.
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    remember twin turbo, you have to buy the vette first so its about £60000
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    Re: Best supercar value period!

    check the chevy website starting price for a Z06 is $51,155. Damn 60,000 pounds is $93,117, don't get jacked. Just out of curiousity how much is a Park Ward in England?
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    i meant 60000 wih the tuning kit.
    what is a park ward
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    alright, so my pounds to USD is a bit rusty. Give me a break, I never use either currency. It doesn't change the fact that the Lingenfelter is not a stock production car. Oh, and btw, an R500 will still run the Lingenfelter into the ground on a real track.
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    I'm a realist, the caterham is not a road car, and before you rush to write a reply think about what constitutes a road car. Oh did you forget about the 150 mph top speed? Also I value your opinion because I can see why you like the caterham and tvr's so much, and I will admit they are badass cars but damn I love the ballz vettes, vipers and f-bodies have.

    A Park Ward is a Rolls Royce.

    LS6 is the best OHV V8 in the World period.
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    a rolls royce second hand can go for around £2000 for an old one
    Brand new your looking at around £160000.
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    EH <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> there are better cars in its class.

    9 other cars are on Car and Driver's top 10 list (for Supercars anyway), most of which are Imports.

    And winning American LeMans is unimpressive.
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    Sufficed to say - you get what you pay for.

    In this case, great acceleration, reasonable handling, and little else.
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    Don't forget the newest NSX Type-R, test performed when the car was still a concept, Nurburgring time of 7:56, not sure how fast.

    I don't believe there is an Impreza GT.

    And as for value - Not only is the Caterham R500 faster, how about the Lotus Elise 340R, used it can be found for under $20,000, and it's faster around a track, and it's way more fun to drive.
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    Hmmm...let's see. According to the May 2003 Motor Trend, where they take a 2003 Cobra ragtop and race it against a Corvette ragtop (not even a Z06) the Vette wins. Not by much, mind you, but it loses, despite the 40-horse advantage it has.

    Granted, if you were to take the difference in price between the Z and the Cobra and sink that money into the Cobra...well, you'd have a faster car. But, the Cobra is like 500 lbs heavier as is; more equipment means more weight.

    Then there is the issue of weight balance (Vette 51/49, Cobra 57/43) so the Vette wins the handling competition, too. So it'd be faster in the corners.
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    True, im reading that article is a type this message, the 2003 Convertible Vette (not the race inspired Z06) beats the cobra in every single performance category.BUT the Cobra cames so close, to bad they needed a turbo (supercharger) to achieve that goal <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    166 km/h Gemballa GTR Biturbo 600 ps , Wolfgang Kaufmann 2001.
    7:55 = 157 km/h Caterham R500, Robert Nearn 2000.
    7:56 = 157 km/h Porsche 996 GT3 360 ps, Walther Röhrl 2000.
    7:59 = 156 km/h Nissan Skyline modified hp?, Dirk Schoysman.
    8:02 = 155 km/h 911 Roock Turbo RST 480, 480 ps, Sport Auto.
    8:04 = 153 km/h Lamborghini Diablo GT, Sport Auto 2000.
    8:06 = 154 km/h Caterham Superlight, 140 hp 470 kg, Robert Nearn 1998/1998.
    8:07 = 152 km/h Ferrari 550 Maranello, Sport Auto 1998/1999.
    8:09 = 152 km/h Ferrari 360, Sport Auto 2000.
    8:09 = 153 km/h Lamborghini Diablo SV 520 ps.
    8:10 = 151 km/h Chrysler Viper GTS, Sport Auto.
    8:13 = 152 km/h Ferrari F355 380 ps.
    8:22 = 149 km/h Dodge Viper GTS -98, Gunnar Dackevall 1998.
    8:28 = 147 km/h Nissan Skyline GTR standard 276 hp, Stephen Sutcliffe, AutoCar 1998/1999.
    8:32 = 146 km/h Porsche Boxter S.
    8:32 = 146 km/h BMW Z3 M Roadster 321 ps.
    8:32 = 145 km/h Porsche 964 Turbo 365 ps, Sport Auto 1992.
    8:33 = 146 km/h Honda NSX 6 speed 276 hp, Dirk Schoysman, Car 1998/1999.
    8:34 = 146 km/h BMW M3 -97, 321 ps, 1997.
    8:35 = 145 km/h Golf I 200 ps 2100ccm, Thomas Koops Germany 1992.
    8:35 = 145 km/h BMW M3 SMG -98, 321 ps, 1998.
    8:36 = 145 km/h Jaguar XKR.
    8:36 = 145 km/h M3 Evo E36 321 ps, Dirk Schoysman, Car 1998/1999.
    8:37 = 145 km/h Maserati 3200 GT.
    8:37 = 143 km/h 2000 Subaru Impreza GT Turbo 218 ps, Horst von Saurma, Sport Auto 2000.
    8:38 = 144 km/h Honda NSX -98, 280 hp, 1998.
    8:40 = 144 km/h Chevrolet Corvette -98, 344 hp, 1998

    I would like to point out that the Nissan Skyline GTR appears TWICE in the list. Which is a remarkable result considering that it arguably has the WORST power-weight ratio of any car in the list (not that u can blame the Skyline for Japanese Legislation)
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    Just a note, that is NOT the race inspired 405hp z06 on the above list, which is MUCH faster than the base C5 vette
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    None I guess, but throw in an extra 20k and you get yourself a brand new SRT-10 Viper.
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    Both the cobra and the Zo6 are magnificant cars..... as for the guy saying he saw the cobra "Kick the Zo6's ASS" im willing to bet the guy in the vette wasnt pushing his car like most people do. and yes i did read the new motor trend that reported the drop top vette beat the cobra alot of you people dont understand that horsepower isnt EVERYTHIG. it depends on gear ratios, weight ect...the fact of the matter is the zo6's 50 thousand dollar price tag is little to pay for world class, yes i said WORLD class peformance. and the guy ranting about the cateham....again a great car however, have any of you ever seen a caterham dealer around here.. no regular auto mechanic would touch it tune ups could cost very much and so with insurance besides not being practical for everyday driving. i think being able to goto the supermarket in total comfort , driving it daily, getting 25 MPG and still able to walk all over the preppy kids ferrari is very cool.
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    Ok people stop comparing the Cobra to the Z06, Different catagories, The Cobra's real competior died, The Camaro went to car heaven.The Cobra is not considered a Sports car it's still a muscle car to Ford.They don't want the mustang to be a sports car, That's where the GT comes into play.Might cost alot but for what you get damn what a car that will wipe the Z06 and beat the Viper IMO.Oh and yes the supercharger ford used it b/c it's a cheap way to make awesome power.The engine can handle 800rwhp plus, I have seen it done.The Z06 uses a bigger engine then the Stang, If ford used the 5.O in the fr500 they would be making over 400HP so don't uses excuses chevy boys, it makes you look retarted.Engine is an engine no matter what comes with it stock.I don't see you guys complaning and bitching at porsche for using turbo to make thier engines powerful <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> With a few grand invested in a cobra it will make a z06 look dumb.a z06 or 50000 to buy a cobra and mod it, i would take the cobra mod it all around and go kick some z06 ass.If the camaro was still around i would whip some camaro ass stock <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    It all boils down to the almighty dollar.... if the camaro was still being made it would be cheaper than the cobra take the money you saved by buying the camaro and mod it and....boom a snake killer. look im not saying the cobra is a bad car, i would love to own one. but even if you made the cobra push out 425 hp it would still have its hands full with the zo6.... may issue of motor trend found the drop top regular c5 vette to be a little faster than the cobra. as for the '05 c5 i cant wait to drool over the 500 H.P. badge on the zo6's fender <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    i mean c6
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    Quote from r9bet:
    "I would like to point out that the Nissan Skyline GTR appears TWICE in the list. Which is a remarkable result considering that it arguably has the WORST power-weight ratio of any car in the list (not that u can blame the Skyline for Japanese Legislation)"

    One of those times (the 7:59) is not for a production street car. That was a test mule.
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    The new Skyline Gt-R34 Nur should be able to take this
    I mean why not, it costs 48 000$, it had 450Hp and has more torque then the Viper and it's AWD
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    Where the heck did you get the $48,000 price tag for a Skyline? As for everything else the Z06 truely take the bang for the buck it may not be the best quarter miler that car the f-bodys have been retired when they come out of retirement they once again will be the kings of the straight line now let look at the vette for what it is a sports car and one that has a history of being a great amount of bang for its buck and now it truely is the king. For all you who try and talk about other factors then just preformance such as Gas Milliage fit and finish comfort luxury reliablity balance and cornering have oviously never driven a z06. I am lucky to have not only driven the z06 but to have been behind the wheel of many nice cars from the m5 on up to the Ferrari 360s and the Z06 holds competitve in fit and finish and comfort ect ect ect the heads up display is also really cool something you don't find in many other vechiles. But lets get to the heart of it I am going to assume that 90% of us here are perfromance orintated but I may be wrong you all may be perstige orintated I personally don't see what is perstigesous about having the money to blow on a car that doesn't perticullary out preform the Z06 but then again I am not a millionare and I have to make every dollar count for as much as possible

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