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Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by sbctimh, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. which big block would you use in a pro street car
  2. i wouldnt.
  3. you realize Pro Stock isn't bracket racing
    and there is no weight penalty for motors under 815ci
    seems silly to run a little block
  4. you can make all the power you need with a turbo smallblock.
  5. Yeah, but there's nothing like the feel and visual impact of a big block.

    I built a Ford 460, .030 over 10.5:1, with 429CJ heads, for a total of $1500 that put out almost 600 hp and 700 lb ft of torque in a street driveable combination. Pushed a 3400 lb Mustang to 11s with 2.73:1 final drive... Let's see a turbo small block match that for the money.

    For my money, the big block Ford is the winner, simply due to power output per dollar. When Hot Rod tested crate big blocks, the Ford combo made more power for less money from less displacement than the Chevy or Mopar ones.

    Don't get me wrong, I love both the Chevy and Chrysler big blocks, too! But my budget prefers the Fords.

    Now, to stuff one into a Pinto or Mustang II and still make it handle halfway decent.. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> (the big block Mustang I built pulled over 1 G laterally and was used for SCCA track days, not drag racing, which was the reason for the final drive ratios...)
  6. I'm trying to figure out which blocks ppl are going to want when I go south
  7. What year 'stang?
  8. Chevy has the best after market, but I'll stick to SBCs.
  9. either Mopar or GM for me.
  10. '80 (started life as a turbo 4 cyl Cobra model)
  11. Can you say t-u-r-b-o b-i-g b-l-o-c-k?
  12. sure i can. but that doesnt change "you can make all the power you need with a turbo smallblock."
  13. That depends on how much power you need.
  14. topic says 'in a pro street car,' so you can deduce it from there.
  15. That's a pretty big range.

    Some of those who do Pro Streeters only use them for show and cruising and may only need 500 or less horsepower.

    Likewise, there are those who want the super-extreme ultrapower Pro Street car with everything, and need somewhere approaching 1500 or more horsepower.
  16. ive seen more than one turbo smallblock make that kind of power.
  17. Why use a big-block? Why not? Why customize a car in the first place? Why not just leave it stock?
  18. a turbo small block would work well in traction limited classes
    but when traction is a given, the big blocks have a clear advantage

    and when you compare heads/cranks/cams/rods everything costs basicaly the same
    why buy a $2k pair of small block heads when the big block heads are the same price?

    it's not like big blocks are rare or expensive
    for the cost of a pair of V-tec cams you can buy a whole big block

  19. why not use a small block?

    im not saying big blocks are the devil, im just saying id use a small block
  20. Big-blocks do a good job of filling up the engine bay on big cars.
  21. so does alot of big inch turbo plumbing <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  22. How about a twin-turbo big-block?
  23. git r done.
  24. Because it costs more to get the same result using a turbo small block. And the turbo plumbing on a small block takes up more physical space than the big block does.


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