Bin Laden Dead

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    what say you?
  3. lol a obese army of 300 million strong try for 10 years and fail and bunch of awkward-on-land amphibians come in and do the job straight away

    america owned again
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    Just saying. Don't believe everything you hear.

    I think:

    Saddam isnt dead.

    Bin Laden has probably been dead for a while and/or he isnt all he is cracked up to be.
  5. probably going to happen.

    if thats the case, might as well make a movie about a terrorist ant, and blow it up with a thermonuclear device. the other half of the movie could be people cheering USA USA, and copious amounts of sex caught on film
  6. you also think the world is a couple thousand years old :/
  8. I wonder what Trump thinks now?
  9. ur birth certificate is still photoshopped
  10. what do you think he thinks randy?
  11. "Why doesn't he show the full death certificate?"

  12. Ha, in your face Bin Laden. Take that for having your back turned on by the same people that trained you!
  13. Funny, Saddam ruled a country, yet we find him in a hole in the ground... Osama was an outlaw on the run, and we found him in a mansion.
  14. GWB must be grinding he's teeths now seeing he wasn't the one that got to tell the World the US had killed Bin Laden.
  15. hide where you are not expected to be.

    He would still be alive and free if he lived in Canada.
  16. Guess it has to do with what friends you have and whom you can trust when your on the run.
  17. Based on my religious belief. (and talking with well educated scholars who are getting their masters in divinity (NO, not at Citrus college!!!!!)) I believe that creation of huamnkind was about 6000 years old, but not limited to that. I do not dwell on that specifically, because it isnt the most important factor to me. but still from a few possible theories, I feel strongest of that one.

    edit: If proven that the creation of humans is older than that, I will believe whatever is truth...

    Btw I do believe the actual earth itself is possibly millions of years old.

    I tried posting this a few posts up, but it didnt post!
  19. oxymorans
  20. i'll wait for the proof.
  21. If Osama lived in the US, he wouldn't need to pay taxes.
  22. Just on time for the upcoming celebration.

  23. Yeah seriously...
  24. holy shit, man. You had this username for less than a year and already have as many posts as my 4 + year old account.

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