Amen to that, though I'd have 2 go for an Alpina M5. Tuned 2 the max.
  2. Re: BLATANT!

    This car should not be compared to an M5! This should be compared to sport cars, Porsche, Vette, Ferrari, Lotus. Things like that.

    Still I would take this over an M3. <!-- Signature -->
  3. Re: BLATANT!

    Agreed, if not for the performance, then certainly for the looks, they are absolutely stunning !!<!-- Signature -->
  4. Re: BLATANT!

    No car out there can compare to this... what r u talkin' bout?<!-- Signature -->
  5. Re: BLATANT!

    Who is this idiot that compared this to a M5? the only BMW i would compare this to would be a Z8 or Z9, never a M5. completely different classes. Think before you speak.
  6. Re: BLATANT!

    Even the Z9 couldn't come close to what it had acheived!<!-- Signature -->

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