Bugatti Veyron in big trouble over airbags

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    Bugatti Veyron in big trouble over airbags

    New U.S. airbag rules going into effect in September could be a disaster in the making for supercar maker Bugatti. Apparently complying with the new rules will require a redesign of the Veyron, increasing the price of the car more than $125,000.

    In a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency, Bugatti president Thomas Bscher said the requirement for "smart" airbags "could well put Bugatti out of business," citing the domino effects of costly redesign of the current car, cuts in production and delay in the introduction of its next model.

    A number of low volume automakers have applied for an exemption to the rule, including Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Spyker, Lotus and Morgan.

    If the NHTSA grants Bugatti's requested two-year exemption, it will only affect the 150 cars it hopes to build for the U.S. market before introducing its next version, which presumably will include smart air bags. Lamborghini is similarly affected only for its current models - the next-gen Murcielago, due out in 2009, will comply with the new rules.

    [Source Financial Times via MSNBC]
  2. They could just use the New Beetle's airbags, it's not like nobody knows it's an uberbug.
  3. U.S. requirements are frankly, stupid.
  4. Ah, so true, but provides more of a challenge to automakers to create luxurious and fast cars that are also reasonable safe, and challenging them to cut of the extra weight in other areas. However, seeing as 99% of global warming is water vapor and out of our control, if I were in charge, I would cut emission regulations of four seaters and under, two axles. Also, cut out required smart airbags, and no airbags required for high-end and low-volume manufacturers.
  5. seriously, if you spend high dollars on a supercar and drive it fast, an airbags not gonna hlep you much.
  7. whats the difference between a smart airbag and a regular one?
  8. I can't believe how stupid you are, four seaters outsell all other type of vehicles you idiot
  9. I would cut those restrictions, so things like the M5 could have more power, legally.
  10. one of the many #$%#ing reasons i hate my god dam country
  11. seriously should have special exemptions for rare cars that wouldnt be used as daily drivers.

    wait though, doesnt the S7 have no airbags period?
  12. They really should exempt cars that are capable of speeds above 200 mph, not even a prayer will save you at those speeds.
  13. ... but would save your lige when you are hit by a shopping akrt on a parking place! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  14. All of these cars are way way safer than the vast majority of cars. These cars are meant to be safe even if you crash in race pace unlike passenger cars which are only tested up to 60mph. Also race cars don't use airbags. If that is the case, is it not logical to exclude these (nearly)race compatible cars from road car safety performance?

    BTW, since the veyron is so heavy, it will probably hammer through when crashed with a 4 door sedan like an suv.
  16. Smart airbags kill babies faster.
  17. But you're not always driving at speeds of 200 mph.
  18. Well, the crash test is the problem, too costly according to Bugatti, is it possible to do this in a computer of must it be done in with a real car?
  20. If all this will do is increase the price by $125,000, the Bugatti has nothing to worry about. I don't think people will gladly pay 125k more, but they will still pay it. Buying a limited $1 million+ car is viewed as an investment by collectors, and most who can afford it have disposible income like whoa anyways.
  21. the US are shit
  22. Are these the same rules that killed the Carrera GT?
  23. Nothing killed the Carrera GT.... they just stopped production because they didn't want to build more.
  24. The #$%#ing crash test is what keeps the Zonda out of the U.S. #$%#ing regs.
  25. "Bugatti president Thomas Bscher said the requirement for "smart" airbags "could well put Bugatti out of business,"

    Give me a break. The Veyron is a loss-leader. A few hundred-thou more per copy isn't going to hurt the company much more than producing the car in the first place already does.

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